7 Fashion Dos and Don'ts if You Have Short Legs ...

By Alison

7 Fashion Dos and Don'ts if You Have Short Legs ...

What are the fashion dos and don'ts if you have short legs? You'll need to know the right way to make the most of your legs and avoid garments that make them look even shorter. Some styles aren't quite as flattering if you have short legs, and you need to know how to fake it. Here are the fashion dos and don'ts if you have short legs …

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1 Keep Colors Simple

Keep Colors Simple The first of the fashion dos and don'ts if you have short legs is to keep your color palette simple. Introducing too many colors into your outfit means that you are breaking up your body into areas. A simple color scheme creates unity and avoids separating your legs, which would make them seem even shorter than they already are.

2 Higher Hemline

Higher Hemline Longer hemlines mean that less of your leg is on view, which will make them look shorter. So the shorter the hemline, the better - if you are comfortable with wearing a mini then this will really help make your legs seem longer. If minis are not appropriate, your skirt should be no longer than just below the knees - a mid-calf hem shows so little of your legs that they will look virtually non-existent.

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3 Avoid Ankle Straps

Avoid Ankle Straps You may have seen a cute pair of shoes with an ankle strap, but this style is not flattering to those who have short legs. It cuts the leg off and so makes them look shorter. Without a strap, the leg continues visually down the foot, thus giving you that needed extra length. Avoid ankle boots as well, as they will also make your legs look shorter.

4 Heels

Heels So what shoes should you wear to flatter your short legs? Heels are a good option, as they give you extra inches where you need them most - the legs. There is another advantage of wearing heels; you can wear longer pants that cover most of the heels. This will give the illusion of longer legs, as nobody will know that the extra height comes from your heels, and not from you!

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5 High Waist

High Waist Even if low-waisted jeans are trendy, they're not the best option for short legs. Avoid low waists in skirts and pants, as they bring the eye down and shorten your legs. Opt for garments with higher waists instead; empire line dresses will lengthen the appearance of your legs by making your torso appear shorter.

6 No Tight Pants

No Tight Pants Tight pants are a no-no when you have short legs, as they unhelpfully cling to your butt - thus showing exactly how short your legs are. So what style should you choose instead? Choose straight-legged or bootcut pants. Dark shades are most helpful, but you can also opt for stripes.

7 Maxi Skirts & Dresses

Maxi Skirts & Dresses Finally, you may be surprised to learn that even women with short legs can wear maxi skirts and dresses. They can actually help your legs seem longer because they make you look leaner. The trick is to make sure that the skirt is not too long and dragging on the floor.

Armed with these tips you can wear the most flattering outfits and help your legs appear longer. They'll help you give the illusion that you have longer pins. What would be your ideal height?

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Nude pumps make the legs appear longer.

Is der something like dis 4 long legs cuz I'm 173cm tall and 12 years old so I kinda need some fashion advice?!?

chise = choose. Sorry.

I'm only 5 feet tall and I can vouch that this article is accurate!

Or you can just wear whatever you want ;)

Or just love the way you are and wear what makes you feel beautiful:)

Thank you!

CATHARINA, It says ankle straps aren't good for short legs, not long legs.

These are good tips. The article isn't saying if you're short you shouldn't love yourself. It's just tips if u wanna appear a bit taller. I'm a shortie and love my height. Love that I can wear flats and be short & cute or wear heels and appear taller & feel sexy!

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