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9 Fashion Editors on Instagram Worth following ...

By Sophia

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps and there are plenty of fashion editors on Instagram. While fashion bloggers led the charge on social media, feeding our thirst for non-stop coverage of all the main fashion events, the mainstream fashion industry has been quick to follow. And who better to get all the behind the scenes access from than a fashion editor? These days getting access-all-areas coverage is only a few clicks and swipes on a smart phone away. If you’re an avid fan of fashion and social media then check out these fashion editors on Instagram worth following.

1 Piera Gelardi (@pieraluisa)

First up on our list of fashion editors on Instagram is Piera Gelardi, the creative director of website Refinery29. While the snap and go nature of social sharing sites like Instagram can mean photos end up blurry and poorly composed, you’ll find nothing of the sort on Piera’s Instagram account. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful images, be they behind-the-scenes fashion week snapshots or photos from her personal travels.

2 Amy Astley (@amyastley)

Amy Astley is editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue and her Instagram account has all the hallmarks of a fashion insider. Along with fashion-related snaps, you’ll also find whimsical vignettes and plenty of classic Instagram fodder like fresh flowers and sweet treats.


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3 Miroslava Duma (@miraduma)

Miroslava Duma is the founder of online destination Buro247 and quite the street style star. She was also previously an editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia. You’ll find her personal style reflected in her Instagram snaps and some of her most recent shots include fashion week coverage and photos from the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

4 Eva Chen (@evachen212)

Eva Chen is editor-in-chief at Lucky magazine. Her Instagram profile has a massive following at over 140,000 followers. With over 5000 photos, Eva’s Instagram profile is full of up to date snapshots of all things fashion-related. You’ll find anything from fashion week coverage to her own personal style shots.

5 Lauren Santo Domingo (@TheLSD)

Lauren Santo Domingo has serious fashion cred as a contributing editor for Vogue and co-founder of online fashion retailer Moda Operandi. If there’s one word to describe her Instagram account it’s probably ‘glamorous.’ As well as run-of-the-mill front row fashion snaps, you’ll also find snapshots of social events and plenty of opulent interiors. It’s your sneak peek into the the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

6 Derek Blasberg (@derekblasberg)

As well as being a bestselling author, Derek Blasberg is also an editor-at-large at Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and VMan. His Instagram account is a snapshot into his personal life and you’ll find plenty of happy snaps of the elusive fashion in-crowd.

7 Anna Dello Russo (@anna_dello_russo)

As editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo has become well known for her quirky and at times downright zany fashion sense. Her Instagram account profiles her fabulous personal style as well as social snaps and front-row views at fashion shows.

8 Caitlin Moran (@stylewithinreach)

Caitlin Moran is an editorial director at online lifestyle website Glitter Guide but her Instagram account is associated with her own personal style website. Her Instagram account is full of beautiful images with pretty vignettes making up most of her feed.

9 Laura Brown (@laurabrown99)

Laura Brown’s Instagram account is bursting with personality. As executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar, she has easy access to the fashion industry. In addition to fashion news and celebrity snaps, Lauren also posts quirky images and memes that break up all that serious fashion business.

The life of a fashion editor is one that is usually portrayed as glamorous and when browsing through beautifully filtered Instagram snaps it’s hard to argue. Of course there’s a lot of hard work involved, but we only want to see the best bits, right? Who are your favourite fashion insiders to follow on Instagram?

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