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As a lover of fashion, I love finding good fashion quotes. I’ve found that finding quotes about fashion from people who love fashion passionately inspires my own style. These people know everything there is to know about fashion, so when I read some of the things they said; I can’t help but be taken aback by how true they are. I think you’ll feel the same after reading these fashion quotes. I have a pretty good feeling that they’ll inspire your own personal style like they did mine!

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Fashion is Everywhere

Fashion is Everywhere Whenever you’re looking for fashion inspiration, remember Coco Chanel’s words and log off of Pinterest. Go outside and live, and gather inspiration from everyone and everything around you. Like she says, you’ll find it in the sky and the streets!


Fashion Isn’t Just Beauty

Fashion Isn’t Just Beauty Adriana Lima is one of the most successful models of our generation, and while she is extremely talented, she’s also gotten there with her amazing attitude and outlook on life. To truly love your own style, you have to be confident in yourself!


A New Era

A New Era It can be daunting trying to put together a wardrobe these days. You want the greatest designer labels, but that’s not always possible if you’re on a budget. (And really, who isn’t on a budget?) Thankfully, there are designers like Alexander McQueen who are justifying our romps through thrift stores and Saks Fifth Avenue alike. Your wardrobe may not be entirely made up of designer labels yet, and with this quote, Alexander McQueen is telling us to celebrate that!


Dress for It

Dress for It Whether you’re getting ready for a new job interview or you simply have big aspirations, this quote from Edith Head can always come in handy during your times of need. I agree with this quote, and think that dressing for the part you want already makes you halfway there. If you think you’re dressing the part, you’ll be confident enough to go for your dreams!


Be Unique

Be Unique Anna Wintour isn’t the editor-in-chief of Vogue for no reason, and this quote speaks for that. She has a point: we should all have our own styles that are just uniquely us. Do you ever go shopping and instantly see a piece that reminds you of someone you love? Until your friends are having moments like that for you, you haven’t created your own identifiable style.


A Little Black Dress is Always the Answer

A Little Black Dress is Always the Answer Karl Lagerfeld knew what he was talking about when he said this. There’s nothing a little black dress can’t fix, at least in fashion, in my opinion. Sure, it may be a safe choice (Tina Fey, anyone?) but it’s a reliable go-to. Do you have an event to go to that didn’t give you a dress code? Pull out your little black dress. You probably have a few to pick from, but it’s good to have a few that can be dressed up or down at a moment’s notice!


On Your Days off

On Your Days off When I read this quote from Alexander Wang, it instantly reminded me of something Mindy Kaling once said about fashion. “Anyone can wear a dress.” Sure, anyone can throw on a dress, but it’s what you wear on those other days that truly define your fashion sense!

What are your favorite fashion quotes? Write them in the comments so we can see them!

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I love that, seeing how the great minds of fashion think about being an individual is very inspiring !

#7 is another great one too, that is so true you can wear a dress anyone can really what truly matters is what you wear on your days off

My favorite would have to be #'s2,3&5 with #2 being fashion isn't just beauty #3 being a new era and #5 being unique number 5 I can remember very well I have to memorize the other two Lolz.

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