7 of the Best Fashion Quotes ...


7 of the Best Fashion Quotes ...
7 of the Best Fashion Quotes ...

The Best Fashion Quotes are all based merely on a personal preference. With so many fabulous designers not afraid to speak their minds, we are left with an abundance of inspirational, comedic, and even jaw dropping fashion quotes to choose from. Although it is quite hard to just choose only 7 of the Best Fashion Quotes, I have plucked a few that have left an impression on me recently. Here are 7 of my Best Fashion Quotes:

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The Woman is the Most Perfect Doll That I Have Dressed with Delight and Admiration – Karl Lagerfeld

Who needs Barbie when we have the perfect person within? I find myself in an upstream battle with body image more often than I’d like. After reading Karl’s quote, it struck a chord with me. We are beautiful no matter what size, shape, or color. If anyone tells you any different, just know they are envious of your beauty and feel pity on their self image struggles they are obviously working on. Best Fashion Quote to lift feminine spirits I’d say.


Girls do Not Dress for Boys. They Dress for Themselves, and of Course, Each Other. if Girls Dressed for Boys, They’d Just Walk around Naked at All Times – Betsey Johnson

Of course this quote would come from the mouth of a beautiful, yet out of the box fashion-forward woman like Miss Betsey Johnson. This fashion quote for me is bitter sweet as we lost a wild and loveable Fashion Icon in our world of fun when her line claimed bankruptcy. Although we may not find any new pieces from her collection, we can always shop what’s left…. and vintage!


Whoever Said That Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Simply Didn’t Know Where to Go Shopping – Bo Derek

There couldn’t be a more spot on statement. Shopping is a fabulous cure for sadness, although a mere quick fix (when your credit card bill arrives get ready for making yourself comfortable in blues-ville once again). May I suggest shopping on the sale rack to cure an unhappy day? I know it works for me!


I’m Thinking Balls Are to Men, What Purses Are to Women. Its Just a Little Bag but We’d Feel Naked in Public without It – Sarah Jessica Parker

I honestly don’t know if I have ever ventured out without a purse. Have you? Where would I ever carry my wallet, my lipgloss, my phone, my sunnies, and all that I carry for my baby girl? My goodness, now that I think about it, it’s no wonder my body cries for a massage every night! This girl carries the world on her shoulders. Well SJP says it best, the next time your man asks if you really need another bag, ask him if he needs his two? Best Fashion Quote yet I’d say.


Some People Think Luxury is the opposite of Poverty. It is Not. It is the opposite of Vulgarity – Coco Chanel

This Fashion Quote couldn’t be more perfect. Coco Chanel always spoke with such stern grace. I always find her memorable quotes to be very thought provoking and oh so true. Reading this quote took me some time for it to really sink in. Read it to yourself a few times and you will no doubt have that much more love for Miss Chanel! She is a beauty.


While Clothes May Not Make the Woman, They Certainly Have a Strong Effect on Her Self-confidence – Which, I Believe, Does Make the Woman – Mary Kay Ash

As the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, she certainly knew what she was talking about. Possibly confusing at first, but as proven in a roundabout way, clothes do make the woman. One of the Best Fashion Quotes I’ve heard in some time.


You Cannot Fake Chic but You Can Be Chic and Fake Fur – Karl Lagerfeld

He does make a good point. You cannot successfully fake feeling chic but you can, however, wear fake fur and effectively get away with it. I love this fashion quote as I am not much for real fur. Animal lover over here! This does not mean that Karl will be the next face of PETA but it’s nice to hear a fashion icon like himself somewhat promoting fake fur.

I could really go on for days quoting Fashion Icons and what wacky words spill out of their mouths. I am sure you have tons you love too. What are some of your best fashion quotes?

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This is a wonderful list! Though I believe it was Mary Kay Ash - not Mary Kate Olsen - who was quoted with #6...

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