10 Fashion Trends for Winter 2011-2012 ...


10 Fashion Trends for Winter 2011-2012 ...
10 Fashion Trends for Winter 2011-2012 ...

Fashion Trends For Winter have been on my radar for a while now. This upcoming winter, there are a range of different fashion trends to choose from. From sleek masculine silhouettes to mismatched outfits, there’s something to suit all tastes and style preferences. If you’re after new season wardrobe inspiration, take a look at a few fashion trends for winter 2011-2012 below.

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Feature Prints

Feature Prints Choose a feature print to be the focal point of your outfit. Oversized polka dots, large boatanic prints, and Baroque-style patterns are all good starting points. Make sure the prints are oversized and in-your-face. Go all out in a bold printed dress, or stick to separates if you’re after something a little less brash.



Women’s wardrobes are set to get a whole lot more masculine this winter. You could work a sleek, corporate look in tailored trousers and boxy jackets or go for a more casual approach in a pair of boyfriend jeans and slouchy sweaters. Complete the look with a pair of brogue shoes.


Forties Glamour

Forties Glamour This look is all about dressing with the finer details in mind – think felt hats, faux fur shrugs, pearls, and elbow length gloves. Keep your silhouette streamlined in pencil skirts or well tailored wide-legged pants. For inspiration, look to the winter 2011-12 collections of designers such as Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Miu Miu.


Headline Hues

Headline Hues Make a statement this winter by wearing bold colours. A block colour worn head-to-toe is an increasingly popular choice. This winter choose bright reds, electric blues, and burnt oranges.



Mix’n’Match This fashion trend is all about excess. Mix your faux fur, sequins, leather, and lace to create a textural bonanza. This trend requires a keen eye to create the perfect balance of textures, otherwise you might come across as having gotten dressed in the dark.


Longer Lengths

Longer lengths dresses and skirts are still going strong. Take the midi skirt to the next level and drop your winter hems all the way to the floor. Thigh-high splits are also an on-trend addition for streamlined column skirts.


Checks, Please

Wear checks this winter as a nod to the grunge revival. Checks are an ideal choice for those not sold on tartan and plaid. Keep the colours fresh and the garments streamlined. A check coat is an easy way to wear the trend this winter.


Feather Adornments

Feather Adornments Accessorise your outfits this winter if a range of feather adornments. Feather earrings, necklaces, and wrap bracelets are the easiest places to start. If you’re after something more dramatic and less boho, go for a feather shrug jacket.


Homespun Heroes

Homespun Heroes This trend has a crafty, DIY appearance. Crochet dresses, macramé, and fringed trims are all typical of the trend. For visual examples of the trend, you can’t look past the Rodarte collections.



Chokers are an easy way to update an outfit. This winter, chokers can range from demure necklaces to more daring ensembles. The best part about this trend is that they can be incorporated into a range of other winter trends.

These are just a few fashion trends that should get you thinking about your winter 2011-2012 wardrobes. While not all of these trends would be to everyone’s tastes, it’s still interesting to see what is out there in terms of winter fashion. What are your top fashion trends for winter 2011-2012?

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