10 Accessories for Spring 2011 ...


10 Accessories for Spring 2011 ...
10 Accessories for Spring 2011 ...

Spring is almost here and it’s time to spiff up your accessories inventory. This season jewelry fashions are not conservative whereas apparel fashions are somewhat conservative. Accessorize fashionably with the 10 following tips.

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Stretch Rings

Stretch Rings Price: $20.00 at amazon.com
Stretch rings with gigantic stones and floral designs are huge this spring. This year it’s not about carats of gold but how much size and glam you can fit on your hand.


Jean Jackets/Vests

Jean Jackets/Vests Price: $78.00 at amazon.com
Jean jackets are in again for the first time since the 80’s. Denim vests and jackets will be seen with skirts, slacks and even shorts this spring.



Sundresses Price: $69.00 at amazon.com
Sundresses range from classy to casual; they are cool on hot summer days and are a great way to show off a nice tan.


Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots Price: $55.87 at amazon.com
Cowboy boots have traditionally been a winter fashion staple however this spring they are HOT! Jazz up your sundress with a pair of cowboy boots for the perfect trendy look.


Beaded Clothing

Beaded Clothing Price: $19.99 at amazon.com
This spring beaded apparel is very popular for both women’s and men’s fashion. Stylish men’s clothing will be embellished with studded gems. Women’s clothing will be decorated with traditional style beads and gem studs.


Biker Gear

Biker Gear Price: $89.95 at amazon.com
Leather and lace, biker chick sexy is in. Don satin, leather and lace for a glamorous yet edgy look.



Sunglasses Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
This year accessories are big, literally. From jewelry to shoes accessories are super-sized. Pick large sized sunglasses in bright colors to coordinate with your handbag


Ankle Jewelry

Ankle Jewelry Price: $10.99 at amazon.com
This year’s trendy ankle jewelry is bright and bold. Stretchy fabric of rubber band type materials that stretch or buckle are the best choices.



Coverage Price: $29.99 at amazon.com
Letting it all hang out is out, coverage is in. This year it is considered glamorous to cover up and leave something to the imagination.



Shoes Price: $44.99 at amazon.com
Platform footwear is the thing this season; wearing any type from platform stilettos to strappy platforms will be the right stylish touch for your look.

It’s easy to be passionate about fashion; take time to care about how you look. Remember, everything you wear is making a statement about what and who you are. What does your look say about you?

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