9 Fab Fashion Tips for Winter ...


9 Fab Fashion Tips for Winter ...
9 Fab Fashion Tips for Winter ...

Fashion Tips for winter are something every girl needs to know! I think dressing for winter can sometimes get so blah and boring that it's important to make a conscious effort to inject some fun new spins into our winter wardrobe! I have written this article on fashion tips for winter with the intent of showing you ladies out there that it IS possible to dress warmly and stay insanely cute during the winter time. So, here we go! Fashion tips for winter 101!

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The Art of Layering

One of the most important fashion tips for dressing for winter is to master the art of layering. Layering gives you a fashionable look yet keeps you warm. The goal is to look slim, so you don't want to layer bulky items with other bulky items. Think, a camisole and shirt with a cardigan over skinny jeans, or a cable sweater over leggings and cute shorts. Scarves are another thing to throw into the mix!


If the Boot Fits

Boots are one of the most important things ever to have in your winter wardrobe. I probably own about 10 pairs, but of course, where I live it stay cold about 6 months out of the year! You should have at least three boots-a brown pair, a black pair, and a pair with heels for dressier affairs. I'd also suggest a comfy soft pair like uggs for lazy days if the budget allows.


Makeup Matters

One of the fashion tips for winter that I cannot stress enough is that your makeup matters! Even on a day that you just throw on skinny jeans and a sweater, if your makeup is done, you will still look great. A nice pretty lip color and blush will do so much for your face on a bland winter day!


Hats, Headbands and Earmuffs, Oh My!

One of my favorite things about dressing for winter are all of the cute hats and headbands you can wear! Since almost 90% of the body's heat escapes through the head, it's a good idea to keep it covered if you want to stay warm. Cute winter hats, headbands, and earmuffs are a few of the ways to do that.


Long Leggings

Here's one of my top fashion tips for dressing for winter: Stock up on legging and tights! They will be your best friend in the winter! On slightly less chilly days, and early in the fall you can wear leggings under longer tops or dresses. When it starts getting colder, you can layer up thick tights and leggings to wear under skirts, dresses, and shorts. Paired with boots and a cardigan or sweater, you will look very cute!


Accessorize Excessively

When you feel like your outfit is lacking something, or is a little blah, reach for the accessories! Use the winter time to go a little bolder with your accessories. Choose big bangles, dangly earrings, a big chunky necklace, or an oversize bag. Just don't do all those things at once! Limit yourself to one or two statement pieces and keep the rest low-key.


Be Touchable

Here's a great tip from the fashion tips for winter jar. Be touchable! By touchable, I mean with your fabrics. In the coldest winter months, stay warm and avoid looking bulky by opting for fabrics like cashmere, fur and velvet. These types of materials are glamourous, add personality and texture, plus they keep you super warm without needing several layers.


Colorful and Crazy

I love this tip for dressing in the winter time. Go crazy and colorful! Who wants to wear a black coat, black pants and a black shirt ALL winter long? Wear something bright and unexpected-a hot pink lipstick, bright orange flats, an electric blue scarf or anything colorful that screams you! You will feel cheerful all day long!


The Importance of Coats

Since you need to wear a coat every day during the winter time, one of my fashion tips for winter is to make sure you have several different styles, colors and length to keep it from getting old. I like fitted coats, they streamline you and keep you from looking like you weigh and extra 10 pounds. Also among my favorites are bright colors and trench coats. Find what YOU love and wear it!

So, that's it, my Fashion Tips for winter! I truly hope this article was inspiring to you and reminds you that dressing for winter can be fun! Fashion tips for winter time are not as easy to find as fashion tips for summer time, so I hope that everyone who is struggling with their sense of winter style can find these tips easily! Thanks for reading!

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Lots of lover for layering and accessories! I cannot go out of the house without at least 4 layers right now, brrrrr.

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