9 Fashion Trends That Only Women Get' ...


9 Fashion Trends That Only Women Get' ...
9 Fashion Trends That Only Women Get' ...

Fashion Trends can be quite hit and miss depending which side of the gender divide you are on. While women may go completely crazy over certain fashion trends, their appeal can be lost on men. It’s often stated that women dress for other women and when you look at the number of fashion trends that only women ‘get’, this saying seems to hold some truth. Below are a few fashion trends that, for the most part, seem to only appeal to women.

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Maxi Lengths

While women have been going ga-ga for maxi length skirts and dresses, they’re not always a favourite with men. The floor skimming lengths are a welcome alternative to revealing mini skirts, and maybe that’s just why men don’t favour the maxi fashion trend as much!


High-Waisted Anything

While women can list a number of positives to wearing high-waisted garments, these are simply lost on men. Where we believe in their figure enhancing and leg-lengthening properties, men are ignorant to their appeal. Basically, where we see a pair of figure enhancing jeans, men simply see ‘mom jeans’.


Exaggerated Shoulders

Even though most of us probably look back at the oversized shoulder pads of the 1980s and mutter to ourselves “what were they thinking?” exaggerated shoulders regained popularity as a fashion trend thanks to the designs of luxury house Balmain. While women couldn’t get enough of this fashion trend, it often left men scratching their heads.


Avant Garde Designs

Avant garde designs aren’t the easiest things to style on a day to day basis, which is why not all women can pull off the look. However, those that can pull off such fashion trends are often admired by the sisterhood for their fashion risk-taking abilities.


Socks with Heels

As far as fashion trends go, the socks with heels look was quite a divisive one. Some people loved the look while others loathed it. On the catwalks it was a nod to youthful femininity, but on the streets most men probably just found it confusing.


Granny Chic

Crochet, embroidery, and lace – they could either be the latest designer gear or items borrowed straight from your grandmother’s wardrobe. We even had few celebrities and fashionistas taking this look to the next level and dying their hair a cool shade of grey.



While neoprene is most commonly associated with wetsuits and surf gear, it’s also one of the hottest trending fashion fabrics right now. It’s ideal for capturing the luxe sporty chic vibe that is popular at the moment.


Neon Makeup

Neon, neon, neon. From clothing to accessories to makeup, neon is still a fashion favourite. It’s an easy way to take a fashion risk and add a pop of colour to your look. However, neon in the form of makeup and lipstick may just be a bit too ‘costumey’ for men to appreciate.


Menswear-Inspired Pieces

There’s been a big focus on menswear-inspired pieces lately. From brogues and loafer style shoes to boyfriend blazers and chinos, girls dressing like boys is one of the biggest fashion trends right now. Maybe it’s seeing women wearing something men would find in their own wardrobes that confuses the opposite sex.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of all fashion trends and, to be fair, there are probably just as many women who don’t like these trends as men. At the end of the day, we should be getting dressed for ourselves and if our other halves don’t appreciate certain trends, it shouldn’t be something to get too worried about. Are there any more fashion trends that you can think of to add to the list?

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SOCKS WITH HEELS? -.- I'm a woman, and I'll never do that, believe me

I don't appreciate the maxi trend at least for now, maybe later I will .

I love love high waisted clothes , exaggerated shoulders and avant garde design! Such lovely trends :3

I love avante-guard, but I had no idea the rest of these things even existed.

In defense of the men, I'm a woman and I don't get these.......

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