17 Top Spring-Summer Fashion Trends for 2012 ...


17 Top Spring-Summer Fashion Trends for 2012 ...
17 Top Spring-Summer Fashion Trends for 2012 ...

Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2012 are a mixed bunch this year. From whimsical under-the-sea inspired trends to monochrome minimalism, these spring-summer fashion trends 2012 can be adapted to suit a range of wardrobes. The look is most definitely a focus on lighter layers and floaty fabrics. Pastel colours are still a favourite as are vibrant aquatic hues. Take a look at some of the top spring-summer fashion trends 2012 below.

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The Midriff

Start with the ab crunches because the midriff is back with a vengeance this spring-summer season. Cropped tops were featured on many spring-summer runways, and it’s a look that will catch on in many chain store collections. Team a cropped top with a high waisted skirt or sport inspired pieces.


Fruity Prints

Big, bold botanical prints are key to spring-summer fashion trends 2012. Keep an eye out for colourdul prints with a focus on fruits. Oranges, lemons, cherries, watermelons… anything goes.


Monochrome Suit Sets

Wearing one colour head to toe will be a key trend this spring-summer. This look works best with neutral or pastel colour palettes. Shorts suits are quite weather appropriate as well as being on-trend, so look for matching sets of tailored shorts and blazers.


Peplum Silhouettes

Peplum silhouettes and big, full skirts are going to be everywhere this spring-summer season. Skirts that dramatically jut out from the waist were everywhere on the 2012 catwalks. Incorporate this trend into your everyday wardrobe simply with smaller peplum details.


Matte Metallics

Metallics are key spring-summer fashion trends 2012. The emphasis this season though is on a matte finish. The look is more wearable and approachable than the shiny metallic fabrics of past seasons.


Roaring Twenties

Fashion is cyclical, and we always see modern designers draw on inspiration from past decades. This season 1920s inspired fashion is the look du jour. Think flapper dresses, sequins and string necklaces. Finish the look off with a polished red lip and winged eyeliner.


Drop Waists

Drop waists kind of correlate with the twenties inspired dressing that is a prominent feature of spring-summer fashion trends 2012. Look for loose fitting dresses with skirts that drop low on the waist. Pretty white dresses are perfect for working a Great Gatsby inspired vibe.


Sequin Embellishments

A strip of sequins on a shirt or skirt is all that’s needed to update your new season look. Matte sequins are great if you’re after a subtle shine. It’s all about bringing a hint of glamour into the everyday.


Mesh Clothes

Sporty silhouettes will be back with a vengeance, and a mesh tank top is your way into this gym-inspired trend. Team a white mesh tank top with a colourful fitted skirt and bomber-style jacket for a fun take on the trend.


Sporty Jackets

Like previously mentioned, all things sporty will be some of the major spring-summer fashion trends 2012. A sporty jacket will be a wardrobe must-have. Instead of a typical jock or varsity jacket, choose a lightweight bomber-style in a fun printed fabric.


Blue Hues

Blue hues will be on-trend for spring-summer 2012. From icy pale blues to deep green aquamarines, you’ll need a hit of blue in your wardrobe. Wear different shades of blue together for an interesting take on colour blocking, or keep it to one focal point of an outfit.


Sheer Delights

Sheer fabrics will be more popular than ever this year. This spring-summer season, layer different length garments over each other to create interesting proportions. Layered sheer fabrics are a great way of creating shape and volume.


Ocean Prints

Anything oceanic will make the ranks of major spring-summer fashion trends 2012. Coral reefs, waves, mermaid motifs – the key to making this look work is to anchor it down with basics.


Scale Embellishments

In keeping with this season’s popular aquatic theme keep an eye out for textures that resemble fish scales. Think glimmering sequins or layered and textured fabrics. It’s all about channelling your inner mermaid. Complete the look with cascading wavy hair or a slicked back pony tail.


Colour Blocked Pastels

Colour blocking has been adapted to spring-summer fashion trends 2012. This time, stick to colour blocking in pastel colour palettes. A blazer, singlet, and trousers all in differing pastel shades are an easy way to wear this look during the day.


Minimalist Lines

Clean lines and simple silhouettes are another popular trend this spring-summer season. The look is a nod to 1990s minimalism. Make this look work in your wardrobe with a body skimming slip dress or column skirt.


Large Lace

Lace will still reign as a popular fabric, but this time around the lace is larger and stiffer. It’s not as delicate as the lace of past seasons. Look to spring-summer 2012 collections from Louis Vuitton and Valentino for inspiration.

These are just a few spring-summer trends to try out this year. As you can see, spring-summer fashion trends 2012 vary greatly. What do you think of these spring-summer fashion trends 2012?

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