7 FUn Fashion Apps for the Ipad 2 ...


7 FUn Fashion Apps for the Ipad 2 ...
7 FUn Fashion Apps for the Ipad 2 ...

There is no excuse these days for poor fashion! Considering that you can access fashion trends and ins and outs from your phone, your computer, and your iPad2, making poor fashion purchases has become unacceptable. There are some fun new apps out for the iPad2 that will help you to make wise fashion decisions wherever you are. You can be ready for every function and be assured that you will be in style and wow the crowd with these 7 fun fashion apps for the iPad2.

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InStyle Hairstyle Try-on

InStyle Hairstyle Try-on Price: $5.99 at itunes.apple.com
This fabulous app lets you try on celebrity hair on your face. No more speculating about whether or not Jennifer Anniston’s hair is right for you- just try it on!


Vogue Stylist

Vogue Stylist Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
Get ready for the next season with this app that will give you all the latest news in upcoming fashion. You will not stand in a store wondering what is in style anymore. Just touch and go. Best of all, this app is free!


Pocket Closet

Pocket Closet Price: $0.99 at itunes.apple.com

This fun app lets you record what you already have in your closet. It makes your shopping experience easier and more affordable when you can save time and money remembering the things you already own. No need for duplicates!


Net-a-Porter Magazine App

Net-a-Porter Magazine App Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
This app gives you access to fashion, style and current trends at the touch of your fingertips. Read your favorite articles and find out where to buy the things you love. This app is also free!


Fashion Network Original

Fashion Network Original Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
This app covers all of the latest runway shows, models, hair, makeup and the like. From Los Angeles to Paris, be in the know of what the hottest fashion is.


Chic Feed

Chic Feed Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
This app will collect all of your favorite fashions from the web and put them together for you in a folder for reference. You can shop as you go or think out a purchase.



Style.com This app includes access to all of the hottest trends, and even includes a blog. You will not want to miss out on this app that can help you get your fashion act together and keep yours in style.

Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
Looking great makes you feel good about yourself and these apps were designed to keep you plugged into the fashion world. You no longer have to decide on what’s in and what’s not; you can check at the touch of a finger and see what is going on in the fashion world. These apps can help you select what you like and don’t like, and make decisions before you hit the stores. Download these 7 fun fashion apps for the iPad 2 today and make your next shopping trip a complete success. You can look great and bring confidence to the social table for every function you attend! What is your favorite fashion app?

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