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Geeky Chic Beanies for Your Fellow Nerd to Wear ...

By Chloe

These geeky beanies are perfect for the chilly weather that is upon many of us. We all know beanies are cozy, but these particular geeky beanies will allow you or your nerdy friends to show their love for nerd culture – whether that’s from a video game, comic book, movie, or cartoon show. I personally consider myself a fairly geeky person (which is a good thing!), so I know from experience that these beanies would make the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Plus, they are all under $20, so you can’t beat that price!

1 DC Comics Batman Beanie

DC Comics Batman BeanieThis geeky beanie is perfect for comic book and movie fans alike. For those who love reading Batman comic books, or watching TV shows and movies based off of the comics, this beanie will allow you to show off your Gotham pride. The “Bat signal” logo is the primary feature on this cozy beanie. You can find it at for about $15, or even less if it’s on sale.

2 Adventure Time Beemo Beanie

Adventure Time Beemo BeanieIf you have a friend who is obsessed with the somewhat obscure (yet hilarious) cartoon show “Adventure Time” then this would make the perfect gift. It features the robot BMO (pronounced Beemo), who is the loyal companion of the main characters Finn and Jake. If BMO is your favorite Adventure Time character, this purchase would be well worth it for only $10! You can get it at for this price.

3 Pokemon Pokeball Beanie

Pokemon Pokeball BeanieThe famous Pokeball design of this beanie is sure to please the biggest Pokemon fan. I am a fan of both the anime (cartoon) and video game Pokemon, but I’m sure if you’re a fan of either one this beanie would be perfect for you. This beanie can also be purchased from Spencer’s for about $10, making it another great deal for such a cool hat. It can be bought at

4 Doctor Who Tardis Beanie

Doctor Who Tardis BeanieFor those of you who are fans of the Sci-fi television show “Doctor Who,” this geeky beanie is for you. It features the design of TARDIS, which is the time machine and spacecraft that appears in the show. Surely anyone who watches this show would love this geeky, yet stylish beanie. It can be purchased from for about $15.

5 Assassin’s Creed Unity Logo Beanie

Assassin’s Creed Unity Logo BeanieIf you have a fellow gamer nerd in your family, this beanie would make the perfect gift. It features the Assassin’s Creed: Unity logo, and would be great for anyone who plays the game series. I personally love the Assassin’s Creed series, so I think this beanie would be a great gift for someone who wants to show off their fandom. This beanie can be purchased from for roughly $15.

6 Harry Potter Gryffindor Beanie

Harry Potter Gryffindor BeanieThis Gryffindor beanie would be perfect for any Harry Potter fan (unless you preferred Malfoy and wanted to be in Slytherin for some reason). Whether you’ve read all of the books or watched the movies, this beanie would make a great addition to any fan’s wardrobe. The Gryffindor house in which Harry Potter is placed is the key design inspiration for this beanie. You can buy it at for about $15.

7 Dragon Ball Z Puar Beanie

Dragon Ball Z Puar BeanieFor those of you who are fans of the anime Dragon Ball, this beanie featuring the character Puar would be superb to wear this fall. Being a major fan of DBZ myself, I love how intricate this beanie is in the details of Puar. Although Puar isn’t my favorite character from the series, I still think it would make an adorable geeky gift for any fan of the series. You can get it at for approximately $15.

8 Minecraft Creeper Beanie

Minecraft Creeper BeanieIf you have ever played the sandbox/survival game “Minecraft” before, this beanie is a great option to buy. It features the face of a Creeper from the game, making a superior option for Minecraft fans. I’m a big fan of Minecraft, and would easily pay $15 for this beanie (which is good, because that’s how much it costs). You can purchase it at

9 TMNT Beanie

This beanie from the TMNT series would be a great gift for any fan. It features the face of your fave "hero in a half shell" on it, with the appropriate color mask. It can be bought at

These geeky beanies are perfect options to wear in cold weather. If you or a friend is a fan of any of these geeky shows, movies, or comics, I also think they would make a perfect gift. Whether or not you love all of these geeky beanies, hopefully if you are a fan of one of them you will be inspired to pick one up. What is your favorite geeky show, movie, comic, or video game?

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