7 Faux Fur Jackets You Need to Add to Your Closet ...

Faux fur jackets are SO in this season! Seriously, it's winter's new must-have item. If you've yet to buy a pair, don't worry; there's seven jackets that you can choose from right here! Prices and styles range but chances are you'll find something that grabs your eye. If you have a favorite faux fur jacket, tell us all where you got it from by leaving a comment below!


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If you're looking to make a fashion statement, this is the coat for you. It's a bit pricy but it can easily be seen as investment! You can throw it over anything and get tons of wear out of it. With it, you'll feel cozy and elegant even on the iciest of days! What do you think of it?
Price: $269.00 at adelaqueen.com.

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