Genius Styling Tips for Girls Who Want to Look More Grown up ...


Genius Styling Tips for Girls Who Want to Look More Grown up ...
Genius Styling Tips for Girls Who Want to Look More Grown up ...

Despite what people may think, you don't have to change your whole wardrobe in order to look more grown up! In fact, you only have to change a few pieces to instantly achieve this look. Keep reading for just a few helpful pointers of how you can look more grown up straight away! 👠 👗🕶 👛

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Be Strategic with Handbags

white, clothing, spring, fashion, winter, A handbag is one great piece to invest in and if you want to be more grown up then it's time to involve a little strategy! By this I mean choosing a style that won't show wear easily and will withstand daily use over a long period of time. A simple pebbled, texture finish is a great way to go with these in mind, rather than an ordinary smooth finish.


Take It to a Tailor

black, clothing, little black dress, dress, photography, Yep, taking your clothes to be tailored might be an extra trip every so often but there's a reason why these people do what they do! Wearing clothes that fit properly is a super easy way to instantly look more grown up, so what are you waiting for? The sooner you take anything that needs to be altered the quicker you can start wearing it and look even better!


Be Wise with Wallets

leather, fashion accessory, arm, footwear, zipper, There's nothing that quite compares to a good wallet that you can trust to keep your valuables safe around the clock! With everything you keep in there on a daily basis, you don't want to risk anything going missing or falling out. What could be more grown up than investing in a good quality wallet to hold all your bits and pieces?


Invest in a Good Pair of Work Shoes

human positions, woman, sitting, lady, fashion, A pair of well made heels that super classy and chic should make any outfit instantly look better and add sophistication! But before you get this far, for the sake of starting afresh you might want to consider doing a clear out of all your old shoes which have seen better days.


Spend with a Cautious Approach

footwear, fashion, leg, spring, shoe, No matter what your pay check reads, you shouldn't forget about your favourite lower-priced lines as these can most definitely still benefit you! Before you can look grown up you need to be both sensible and responsible with your money, so that means approaching designer brands or labels with caution and possibly even investing in them sparingly.


Upgrade Your Outerwear

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, jacket, blazer, What does your choice of coat say about you, I wonder? Coats with a classic silhouette are typically both flattering and super sophisticated looking - a perfect choice for anyone wanting to look more grown up with their style straight away!


Take Care of Your Clothes

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, denim, leather, Last but certainly not least, if you want your clothes to last the test of time you need to take care of them! Every time you toss something back into the closet you risk damaging the fabric or even the structure. To prevent this, take a few seconds extra to hang things properly and use shoe racks to stop anything from getting crushed along the way!

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