7 Great Pairs of Shorts to Wear in Warm Weather ...

I am sure you are looking for some great pairs of shorts to add to your warm weather wardrobe. I always get excited when I start to see shorts in the stores because it means summer is just around the corner. Naturally, in my excitement I want to buy all of the fashionable pairs of shorts. While I can’t buy all of the shorts, I can share some of my great finds with you.

1. Beaded Linen Shorts

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These shorts from the Loft are fantastic, and they are one of the pairs of shorts that I have fallen in love with this spring. Linen shorts can be basic and boring, but the beading on these shorts keeps them interesting and unique. The beading is also very chic and prevents these shorts from being too casual. In fact, you could wear these shorts on a date with a fancy top and strappy heels and look fabulous!

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