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I am sure you are looking for some great pairs of shorts to add to your warm weather wardrobe. I always get excited when I start to see shorts in the stores because it means summer is just around the corner. Naturally, in my excitement I want to buy all of the fashionable pairs of shorts. While I can’t buy all of the shorts, I can share some of my great finds with you.

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Beaded Linen Shorts

Beaded Linen Shorts These shorts from the Loft are fantastic, and they are one of the pairs of shorts that I have fallen in love with this spring. Linen shorts can be basic and boring, but the beading on these shorts keeps them interesting and unique. The beading is also very chic and prevents these shorts from being too casual. In fact, you could wear these shorts on a date with a fancy top and strappy heels and look fabulous!


Tile Jacquard Riviera Shorts

Tile Jacquard Riviera Shorts These jacquard shorts are another great pair of shorts from the Loft that you will love. I adore the navy blue diamond pattern on these cream colored shorts. It is both classic and modern at the same time. These shorts have a four inch inseam, which is perfect if you don’t like wearing short shorts.


Zip Pocket Linen Cotton Shorts

Zip Pocket Linen Cotton Shorts The moment I saw these shorts from the Loft, I fell in love with them. The gold zippers are so fabulous. I also adore that there is a little flare to these chic shorts, because it gives them an extra detail that makes them interesting. If you love these shorts as much as I do, you are probably considering buying them in the very near future. I know I am!


Square Eyelet City Shorts

Square Eyelet City Shorts One of my summer wardrobe staples is a white eyelet dress. It is breezy and comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. While an eyelet dress has long been a summer staple, I may have to reconsider now that I have seen Ann Taylor’s Square Eyelet City Shorts. These shorts have the same light quality as an eyelet dress, but they have the added value of being a great pair of shorts. You could wear these shorts to so many different places and in so many different ways. They would be great for both fancier and more casual occasions. How would you wear these shorts?


Heritage Printed Drape Shorts

Heritage Printed Drape Shorts The Heritage Printed Drape Shorts from Banana Republic are a fantastic pair of shorts for casual days. They look so comfortable, but they are still quite stylish. Paired with a relaxed T-shirt and a pair of sandals, these shorts would have you looking like the picture of summer ease and style. You really can’t ask for anything more on a lazy summer day.


Lace Shorts

Lace Shorts While lazy summer days are wonderful, it is nice to dress up occasionally. These black lace shorts from Banana Republic are the perfect pair of shorts when you want to dress up. Wouldn't these shorts look fabulous with a pair of jewel toned heels and a sequined black top for a night on the town?


Sailor Shorts

Sailor Shorts These shorts from Banana Republic are a stylish addition to any wardrobe. The buttons on the side of the shorts provide a nautical feeling, which is fantastic for a summer on the beach. Aside from the buttons adding great detail to these shorts, the contrast seaming on the waistband and pockets also adds interest. These are certainly not a basic pair of nautical shorts; they are fashionable and chic.

I love putting on a stylish pair of shorts in the summer. All of these shorts are fashionable and would be great additions to your summer closet. Which of these shorts would you like to have?

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ikr there super cute

where can we buy these shorts???

in a way,they all look the same. Just different patterns. But I love it though..

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