7 Must-have Summer Maternity Essentials to Keep You Cool Stylish ...

By Jessica

7 Must-have Summer Maternity Essentials to Keep You Cool  Stylish ...

Having a summer pregnancy can be challenging with the heat, but knowing some summer maternity essentials to get you through those hot days can really be a life-saver! Summer pregnancies can also be wonderful- there are so many cute options for clothing and accessories, and to top it off, you have the whole fall and winter months to lose the baby weight! Being halfway through my second trimester got me thinking about a few must-have summer maternity essentials that are not only practical but also stylish. Keep reading for some inspiration!

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1 Comfortable Sandals

Comfortable Sandals Shoes are probably one of the most important summer maternity essentials for a few reasons. Your feet are your support and carrying extra weight means more strain on your poor feet! There's also the dreaded edema that affects lots of expectant mothers. The water retention and swelling make it difficult to find shoes that fit but are still comfortable and cute! Supportive flip flops or open strappy sandals are your best options for comfort and style! To keep swelling at bay, remember to exercise, to not stand in one spot for too long and to keep well hydrated!

2 Maxi Dresses & Skirts

Maxi Dresses & Skirts Maxi dresses and skirts are your best friends if you're pregnant in the summer. They fit your bump well and hide unwanted weight gain more so than other clothing options. Plus, they're super breathable and look adorable! I like to buy maxi dresses and skirts one size up instead of maternity, because they don't have that loose, frumpy feel and you can generally wear them again and again, even when you don't have a baby bump!

As the winter chill approaches, it's time to jazz up your wardrobe. Why not start with some cute sweaters? These sweaters are not just warm and comfy, but they are also incredibly stylish - a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Stay cozy and chic this winter!

3 Breathable Shorts

Breathable Shorts Shorts are always a summer essential, and even more so when you're pregnant! Invest in a belly band to extend the life of your regular shorts, or opt to buy maternity shorts that are a little longer, looser and comfortably hug that snuggly baby in your belly.

4 Basic Tanks & Tees

Basic Tanks & Tees I find basic tops to be the most comfortable and versatile. Solid maternity tank tops and tees pair with any bottoms and are usually really flattering! I love the styles that hug your belly as opposed to tops that flow around it, making you look bigger than you are. So invest in a few good, basic pieces to keep you cool and looking chic!

5 A Flattering Swimsuit

A Flattering Swimsuit It's hard to be excited about swimming in the summer with a growing belly and added weight gain. However, the upside is that people know you're pregnant and you don't have to suck in your tummy or worry about bloating! Plus, that sweet belly is so adorable! There are cute one pieces and two pieces, so pick one you feel most beautiful in.

6 A Good Bra

A Good Bra More than likely, if you're pregnant, your cup size has gone up- perhaps dramatically. This can be a blessing or a curse, but either way you see it, you'll need to accommodate your larger (and probably sore) chest with a supportive and comfortable bra!

7 Flowy Trousers with a Fun Print

Flowy Trousers with a Fun Print My new favorite clothing trend are flowy trouser pants! They often look like pajamas but because they're fitted around the ankle, they pass as pants! They come in all sorts of colors, prints and styles but I particularly like tribal prints. They can be maternity or they can simply just be worn underneath your bump for comfort. They're so comfortable and fun at the same time, which is a must-have!

Remember that you don't have to spend a lot on maternity clothes. Find what you already have in your closet first and look for regular clothing but in bigger sizes so they can be worn later with a little adjustment. Sticking to maternity basics, however, will allow you to be most comfortable and stylish, and will save you money as well. If you're expecting, what are some other maternity essentials that you'd like to add?

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just had a baby 3 months ago!! oooh how I desired trendy cute maternity clothing!!..feeling good about yourself is TRES IMPORTANT when prego!!

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