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Winter vests are one of my absolute favorite cold weather accessories. Are you with me? You can layer a great vest over long sleeved shirts and sweaters to create a trendy look that's also warm and cozy. Granted, winter vests aren't going to replace a coat on really frigid days, but they are perfect for a mild day that is a bit chilly. Plus, you are going to look fabulous, no matter which one you choose. Check out these lovely options and let me know which one tops your must have list.

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Faux Fur

Faux Fur Via shopdailychic.com
A faux fur vest is great for adding your own flair to an outfit. In fact, they are some of the most popular winter vests on store shelves this year.


Patterned Puffy Vest

Patterned Puffy Vest Via For Chic Sake - ForChicSake.com ...
You likely see more solid colored puffy vests, but if you can get your hands on a patterned one, you will be so happy.


Over a Sweater Dress

Over a Sweater Dress Via Southern Curls & Pearls: Thanksgiving ...
A dressier vest looks great with a sweater dress and tall boots. Or a sweater and jeans.


Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt Via High Profile Faux Fur Vest ...
A vest adds a touch of style to a plain plaid shirt like this one. Cute, huh?


Solid Puffy Vest

Solid Puffy Vest Via Southern Curls & Pearls: Puffer ...
Of course, a solid colored puffy vest looks awesome too. I love this entire look, what about you?


For Your Workout

For Your Workout Via Reluctant Entertainer - Lifestyle, Entertaining, ...
A workout vest adds a bit of warmth when you exercise outdoors, but won't make you miserably hot either.


Multicolored Fur

Multicolored Fur Via Ash Brown Faux Fur Vest
I love this vest. It wouldn't be very warm worn like this, but it's really cute anyway.


With Leggings

With Leggings Via Favorite Fashion "PINS" Friday! - ...
A cute shirt and vest combo works well with leggings and boots. Easy and comfortable define this entire outfit.


Quilted Vest

Quilted Vest Via all things katie marie: Katie's ...
For something a bit different, try a quilted vest like this adorable option.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via 11 Things to Do in ...
A bright pop of red will add fun and color to any cold winter day.


Fleece Vest

Fleece Vest Via | Stylin' Mommies
Fleece is easy to layer, super warm and totally cute. You can't go wrong adding a couple of fleece vests to your collection.


Olive Military Vest

Olive Military Vest Via shopmce.com
Paired with long sleeves, jeans and boots, this vest is wonderful. Do you love it?


Winter Coat Vest

Winter Coat Vest Via of Target and tweed. | ...
This vest looks like a coat without sleeves. I love the way it looks with the shirt and hat.


Dress It up

Dress It up Via canadagoose-onlinestore.blogspot.com
Vests are generally pretty casual, but you can certainly dress one up by adding some jewelry.


Neon Pink

Neon Pink Via Hot Pink Vests, Polka Dot ...
Nothing is going to make you smile more when it's cold outside than a bright pink vest. I love it with the polka dots!


Stripes Galore

Stripes Galore Via Lilly Pulitzer - Elsa Top ...
Stripes are a classic look that will never go out of style, so if you find a striped vest, you are going to get years of use out of it.


Leather Accents

Leather Accents Via amazinglace.com
The cute accents on this vest make it something really special.


Good Old Black

Good Old Black Via Closet
You will never go wrong by choosing a basic black vest like this one. You can layer it over so many things.


Denim Vest

Denim Vest Via My Style
A denim vest might seem a little 1980s, but worn like this, it looks trendy and cute.

Which one is your new favorite? Winter vests come in a wide range of prices so you can definitely find one that fits your budget. You will love having the layering option that a vest gives you. Do you have any shopping tips for choosing a vest?

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Haha I went to high school with the girl modeling the work out vest! Her life is a dream!

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