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8 Hair Accessories from Shop Ruche ...

By Lyndsie

I absolutely love getting hair accessories from Shop Ruche. If I could, I’d shop there all the time – I love all of their departments! Everything is so vintage, and many of their accessories are just wonderfully delicate and somehow antique. Lace, buttons, silk, velvet – I wanted to share my love of hair accessories from Shop Ruche with you, so take a look!

1 Button in a Bunch Hairclip

Button in a Bunch HairclipPrice: $9.99 at
This hair accessory from Shop Ruche is all about lace and exquisite crocheting. It’s feminine and absolutely precious – it makes me think of wearing a gorgeous dress, little lace gloves, and sipping tea in a formal setting. I especially love the darling button in the center!

2 Belle Fleur Hairclips

Price: $9.99 at
I love the layering that creates the blossom on this clip. The fabric is so filmy, and the attached, creamy ribbon is a perfect complement. With this clip, I prefer the lavender option. I’m a huge fan of purple, especially that particular shade.


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3 Vintage Virtu Floral Indie Headband by Petit Plume

Vintage Virtu Floral Indie Headband by Petit PlumePrice: $23.99 at
Shop Ruche has a lot of fantastic headbands as well, and this is one of my favorites. The sheer fabric is lovely, and the floral motif is so pretty. The center of each blossom sparkles for a little extra dazzle, so this would be perfect as a casual hair accessory from Shop Ruche, or a highlight to a more formal outfit.

4 Clarissa’s Charisma Indie Flower Headband by Petit Plume

Clarissa’s Charisma Indie Flower Headband by Petit PlumePrice: $34.99 at
This shade of green is my favorite, no question. I love that color, and it looks gorgeous alongside the pearl beads in the center of the blooms and the mocha color of the headband itself. This reminds me of springtime, but I’d happily wear it all year round.

5 Twirl Me around Headband

Price: $9.99 at
The design of this headband caught my eye. It takes the piece from plain to pretty, even a little edgy. You could wear this with just about any outfit and it would look fantastic. Something about the design made me prefer it in the more ivory color.

6 Enchanting Evenings Indie Hair Clip by Petit Plume

Enchanting Evenings Indie Hair Clip by Petit PlumePrice: $39.99 at
I know this particular hair accessory from Shop Ruche seems a little pricey, but look what you get! This clip is absolutely gorgeous! The petals are made out of a soft, velvety velour, and feathers accentuate the piece. The center rhinestones give it some sparkle and shine. This actually would be a beautiful bridal piece.

7 Tea Green Blossoms Indie Hairclip by Petit Plume

Tea Green Blossoms Indie Hairclip by Petit PlumePrice: $32.99 at
This hair clip is just awesome all the way around. It can be worn as a brooch in addition to being a hair accessory, and it’s so pretty that it would work well as either. The flower is cut and sewn by hand, and the petals themselves are incredibly unique. I love the frayed look around the edges too!

8 Miss Pristine Bow Hair Clip

Price: $13.99 at
This clip can be worn as a brooch as well, and I’d use it as either one. The felt material is incredibly vintage, and the color complements it extremely well. The button in the middle features a crown, and something about this clip seems so royal that the image is fitting!

Those are all so precious! They make me think of classic Lolita fashions – and nearly want to try some of them! For now, though, I’ll just limit the trend to what I wear in my hair. What do you say, ladies, do you share my love for hair accessories from Shop Ruche?

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