8 Helpful Closet Organization Tips ...


8 Helpful Closet Organization Tips ...
8 Helpful Closet Organization Tips ...

So I have recently given my closet a SERIOUS makeover, and I decided to share my closet organization tips with all of you who need to do the same. While some people dread having to do this, I absolutely love it. And these closet organization tips can help you love it too! Now is the time to stop putting off that closet makeover, and time to start spring cleaning your wardrobe.

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I must say that this is one of, if not the, most important of my closet organization tips. It is also the hardest part for some people. Getting rid of your favorite sweater, jeans, or anything you have grown to love can be difficult. But even the perfect pair of jeans can be outworn. If the item is still in good, wearable condition, donate it! If it is obviously too old or worn, then it is probably best to just trash it. Still too hard to let go? Then make a compromise, and pick 3 of your favorite items, store them away, and donate or trash the rest.


Make the Most out of Your Space

So you have made it past the hard part. Now it's time to get ready to fill your space. Once you have cleaned your closet of all the unnecessary clutter, I suggest investing in some good organizing shelves and baskets. Stick dividers in your drawers to make smaller compartments- perfect for storing belts, lingerie, etc. This leads into my next couple of tips for storing the other, different items in your wardrobe.


Everyday Clothes

Personally, I always organize my tops by type, then by color. First I hang my tanks, then my short sleeves, then my longer sleeves/some jackets. Doing it this way makes more sense because think about it- as soon as you wake up in the morning, and start planning your outfit, you probably plan around the weather (and not about what color you feel like wearing). Organizing your wardrobe this way makes dressing for the day easier and looks better overall.


Jeans and Sweaters

When it comes to storing jeans, it tends to be a personal decision. If you keep your jeans on shelves, I recommend storing the lighter washed ones on the top and the darker washed jeans on the bottom. If you hang your jeans, you could also organize them by wash. If you have colored jeans, I would recommend separating them from the real denim. Put them either in front or behind the denim, not mixed in between. Chunky sweaters that would take up too much rack space should be folded up and stored on shelves, or in their own compartments by color.


Work and "Going out" Clothes

I like to keep these separate from your normal, everyday clothes, because they don't really look right mixed in with them. Keep your business attire, like slacks, blazers, etc., where you can easily find them all together without having to scramble through your regular clothes. Same goes for fancier, "going out" clothing. Sometimes you can mix your "going out" attire with your everyday clothes, but that should only really happen if you don't have a lot of closet space.



Well if you are anything like me, shoes take up pretty much half of your closet space. I suggest you get yourself a good shoe rack to fit all your pairs and keep them looking organized. There is nothing worse than when you're running late and can't find the other shoe. I know plenty of you out there know what I'm talking about!


Hats, Bags, Scarves, and Jewelry

When it comes to accessories, I place my hats on the top shelves in my closet, because I really don't wear hats often enough to want them easily accessible. For basic satchels, I usually just hang them on the back of a door, or on a hook. But if you own quality handbags, then I suggest placing them in cubbies. You can buy closet cubby shelves or inserts almost anywhere, and they are usually pretty affordable. Scarves can be folded, hung, or placed into a pretty clear glass vase if you want to turn them into a decorative piece. And jewelry can be stored in the closet (neatly) if you have the space, or on top of your dresser as a nice display.


For Everything else …

For other things like workout clothes, costumes, old college apparel, socks, pajamas, and other random things that I haven't talked about, I just give them their own little drawers. And running shoe are usually kept AWAY from my closet- I don't need all my clothes smelling like my running shoes (yuck).

So if you are tired of scrambling through your closet and struggling to find that one specific top, go ahead and give these tips a try. Are there any other space saving/organizing pointers or secrets you use? I would really love to hear from some of you who do this for a living! Also, I'm just curious- what are your top 3 most favored items in your closet? GO!

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Do I Evan have a closet can someone please tell me.

I love your idea of putting scarves, hankies ( just rediscovered)! Into a large glass vase. Perfection!

I am a total closet freak. It all has to be organized. I have tried both, organizing by color and by type of item. I think I like the type of item better. Good luck ladies.

GREAT tipsI'm gonna use them because my closet is so disorganized!!!

I don't have a closet :/ be grateful!

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