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10 Universal Closet Staples ...

By Amber

So every girl has her different opinions about closet staples, I know this. However, I have found these to be the most universal. Just by having theses items in your closet, you can make it seem like you never wear the same thing twice! Of course the items might vary depending on the season. But as of now, these are my 10 universal closet staples to have.

1 Basic Tees and Tanks

These are always a closet staple because they are so versatile! I tend to stick with neutral and cool colors like blacks, grays, browns, whites/cremes, and navy blues. Depending on the weather, you could even layer them. They are also great to have on hand when you are running late to class, and just need to throw something on. I recommend buying a couple of these at a time.

2 Scarves

I am obsessed with scarves and have a million myself. Having cute scarves can instantly transform an outfit. Not to mention they keep you warm when the weather is a little chilly. In that case, I wear my thick knit scarves. If it's more like fall/spring season, I opt for thinner scarves with cute patterns.

3 Leggings/ Yoga Pants

Every girl should have a good pair of leggings. Go ahead and grab a couple in different colors next time you go shopping! Layer with a cute long basic tee, add a scarf and you are good to go! Or wear them under a cute dress with some boots if you wanna dress up a little bit. Regardless of how you wear them, there is no denying that leggings are a must have. Yoga pants are also life savers for those lazy days we all have. Don't deny it girls, you know you secretly wish you could wear them everyday, they are so darn comfy!

4 "Go-to" Jeans

My go-to jeans are one pair of perfect fitting pair of black jeans, dark wash skinnys, and a medium wash regular jean. I have others as well, but these three are definite staples in my closet. Now this one varies depending on your body shape. So I recommend having at least three GOOD pairs of jeans that look good and feel good on YOUR body.

5 Riding Boots

A good pair of riding boots can pull an outfit together and make it look cute and polished. I like to have one black pair and one brown to go with everything. I also have combat boots, rain boots, and ankle booties, but I think that a riding boots are probably the ones I wear the most.

6 Cute Flats

I think a good pair of flats is important, and can soften up any outfit. You could go for bright, vibrant pair, or cute patterned ones to add some color and fun to your outfit. You could also go for a nice basic pair to wear with a bunch of different outfits. But because they are usually pretty cheap, why not get both?

7 Heels

Absolutely a staple in my opinion, no question about it. I actually have to restrain myself from going shoe crazy due to my lack of closet space! A good pair of heels could instantly dress up a simple pair of jeans and a cute blouse. Great to have if you need to make a day-to-night transformation in a hurry, ladies.

8 Cardigans, Jackets, and Knit Sweaters

These are great to have to add a finishing touch to any outfit. They are great to use for the layering look, those lazy days during midterms, or when you just want to be cozy! Throw on a cute knitted sweater, some leggings, boots, and you have an easy, simple outfit. I also have a couple of these in different colors and styles, and I absolutely love them. Oh, and having a good jacket, like a leather bomber is great to have as well.

9 "Going out" Attire

Now what would your closet be without some fun clothes for going out? These items should probably be saved for the clubs, bars, or parities. However, try not to have anything too revealing. We don't want to send out the wrong message now, do we? But again, make sure that what ever you choose to buy looks good on your body type. Only buy pieces that will compliment you, not embarrass you.

10 Business Attire

Yes, we all need business pieces for interviews, meetings, presentations, etc. A good, fitting blazer, some nice pants, and/or pencil skirts are good ones to have on hand. Stick to neutrals, like black, grays, dark navy blues, and even cremes. A trendy pink blazer from Forever 21 may look cute with a pair of jeans, but it isn't really appropriate for a business interview.

So those are my 10 closet staples and I hope you have enjoyed them. But I really want to know what you guys keep in your closets as go-to items? What are your favorite outfits to put together, or maybe some of your favorite places to shop?

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