8 Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Hat ...


8 Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Hat ...
8 Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Hat ...

Most people need tips for choosing a hat that will suit them. Years ago, no gentleman or lady would dream of being seen in public without a hat. But since wearing hats every day has been out of fashion for decades, we have no idea what will look right on us. Here are some tips for choosing a hat that will look just perfect on you …

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Photo One of the most helpful tips for choosing a hat is to take a photo of yourself wearing it. Everyone has a camera phone these days, so you can try on lots of hats and take picture of each one. It's easier to see how a hat suits you by looking at a photo than in a mirror.


Specialist Shop

If you're really clueless about what type of hat to buy, go to a specialist hat shop or department. Staff there are trained and experienced, and can advise you on which styles suit you. They also know how to care for the hat, which is important if you're spending more on it.


Face Shape & Hair

Face Shape & Hair Your face shape influences the styles of hat that you should wear. Look for online guides to help you pick out the right hats for you. Also consider your hair, and how you will be wearing it - this is especially important with formal hats. If you want to wear your hair up, will the hat sit correctly?



You also need to bear in mind where and for what occasion you intend to wear the hat. A sun hat will need a wide brim in order to protect your face from the sun, whereas a wedding hat will need to match your outfit. If you're looking for a hat for a special occasion, take the outfit with you.



The fabric of the hat you choose will depend on the time of year you plan to wear it. For summer, a lightweight cotton or straw hat will keep the sun off without being too hot for your head. In winter, look for a wool hat to keep you warm that covers enough of your head.


Try a Variety

Try a Variety If you're not used to wearing hats, it can be tempting to grab the first hat you see and buy it. You won't get a flattering hat this way. Instead, try on as many hats as possible. Don't worry if you feel silly; if a hat looks awful it'll help rule out unflattering styles. You'll soon get a feel for the styles that suit you



Confidence There are some amazing flamboyant statement hats around, but avoid them if you're not used to wearing hats. Leave them for people who have the confidence to pull off that kind of look. If you cringe if people look at you, you won't feel comfortable, however much you love the hat.



Finally, consider your budget and how often you are going to wear the hat. It's generally not worth spending much on a summer hat, as they get grubby and are squashed in your bag. A winter hat that you will wear for years is worth investing more in. However, it's best not to buy an expensive wedding hat as you won't get much use from it.

Hats are fun to wear, as well as practical in many cases. Most people aren't used to wearing them, however, and so are confused about what will suit them. Follow the above tips, and you'll soon start to recognise the right hats for you. If you never wear hats, what puts you off wearing them?

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Beautiful hats :)

Just a few other points. Hats and bangs don't mix. Sweep bangs to the side. The hat takes the place of bangs. Hats, generally, look better when they sit down on your forehead. No large brims after dark, particularly indoors.

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