8 Helpful Tips on How to Buy a Perfect Swimsuit ...


8 Helpful Tips on How to Buy a Perfect Swimsuit ...
8 Helpful Tips on How to Buy a Perfect Swimsuit ...

If you are anything like me once snow starts to melt and sun starts shining, you get a little panicked thinking about swimsuit season. I love the soaking up the sun rays in the warm weather at the beach or pool, but picking out the perfect swimsuit is daunting. Fortunately, this year I am ready for buying the best swim suit with these 8 helpful tips on how to buy a perfect swimsuit.

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Don’t Worry about Fashion

I know this sounds a little weird. We want to look in fashion and not like we are wearing something from two decades ago. Unfortunately, what’s in fashion may not be what is most flattering for your body.


Find the Right Size

Don’t be alarmed if you have to go up a size when buying a swimsuit. Swimsuits sometimes run small. It’s better to buy a bigger size than to try to fit into something that is too small. It doesn’t look good and you won’t be fooling anyone.


One Piece

Don’t turn your nose up to the idea of a one piece suit. Understanding how to buy a swimsuit means knowing you will have to try on different styles, including one pieces. The truth is, one pieces have the ability to hold in any loose areas and make you look slender.



Patterns are a big part of swim suit shopping. A large pattern draws attention to that area. If you want to mask wide hips then buy a suit that has a pattern on top and is solid on bottom. Do the opposite if you want to take the attention off your bust.


Shop with a Friend

If you are asking how to buy a swimsuit, you should know that shopping with a friend is extremely important. Choose a friend who is honest and will tell the truth, not just what you want to hear. Ask your friend their opinion on the suits you are trying on. Hopefully your friend will be honest and let you know what looks good and what doesn’t.


Test It out

You need to check yourself in all sorts of positions. Bend over and make sure you are not going to flash anyone. Sit down to see if your suit rides down in the back, giving you plumbers' crack. You also want to make sure that it fits around the leg and nothing is showing there either.


Go to a Boutique

If you want a suit that is going to look great and hold up, then shop at a boutique. The girls working there can give you expert advice on how to buy a swimsuit that is right for your body. They know what styles they have in stock and how they fit different body types.


Shop at the Right Time

If you are going to shop for a swimsuit do it when you look a feel your best. Don’t shop while you are on your period, after eating a big meal, or when you are feeling bloated. The best time to shop is in the morning after a light breakfast.

If you were wondering how to buy a swimsuit, I hope I have helped answer that question. There are several different factors that play into find the perfect swimsuit for your body. Let me know, what are your swimsuit buying tips?

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I bought the cutest bikini from pink. At first I only wanted a tankini but there were so many cute bikinis. I'm only 12 so obviously it couldn't be too revealing

I wouldn't advise one-pieces because they are very difficult to put on and take off. A tankini and boy-shorts is a better alternative.

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