7 Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions over the Years ...

It’s not just the Olympics that have hilarious wardrobe malfunctions. Celebrities have been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons for years, but it seems that the stylists never learn – or perhaps the celebs just think it won’t happen to them?! If you need a laugh, or you’re tempted to step outside without underwear on, check out these hilarious wardrobe malfunctions – and then make sure you’re wearing suitable underwear!

1. Paris Hilton…

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Paris might be dressed like a Princess, but that hasn’t stopped her being involved in some hilarious wardrobe malfunctions. A ladylike floor-length gown and tiara sounds like such a glamorous look, and she almost pulled it off – I especially love the low-cut neckline, which features modesty-covering strips – but Paris lost all her dignity when she flashed her undercarriage while walking. Rule number one: wear underwear. Rule number two: learn how to walk with a thigh-high split BEFORE attempting it in public.

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