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Scandal has swept the nation and as a result, Olivia Pope’s best looks have become fashion inspiration all on their own. She has a very distinct style consisting of structured and practical pieces that are usually white. All of Olivia Pope’s best looks are from the hottest designers and fit perfectly with her DC lifestyle. If you are a fan of Scandal, you are sure to enjoy getting a second glimpse of some of Olivia Pope’s best looks.

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Jean Fares Couture Gown

Jean Fares Couture Gown Although I am obsessed with all of her outfits, this Jean Fares Couture gown is one of Olivia Pope’s best looks. We usually only see her suited up to fix the latest “Scandal”, so it was a huge treat to see her dressed in a formal gown. She stuck to her typical white color scheme, but the dress is embellished with a gold sparkly bodiced top. It was refreshing to see Olivia Pope in something besides a suit or jacket.


Max Mara Coat & Dorothy Gaspar Gloves

Max Mara Coat & Dorothy Gaspar Gloves How many other women could pull off gloves like Olivia Pope. She would never let something like the cold DC winters get to her, and these Dorothy Gasper gloves were the perfect way to combat it. And naturally, she paired them with an off-white coat. Some have even claimed that this very outfit brought fashionable gloves back in trend.


Ferragamo Coat

Ferragamo Coat Something you might not know about this Ferragamo jacket is that it is actually pink. Kerry Washington originally didn’t want the jacket to be on the show because she knew Olivia Pope would never be seen around in a pink jacket. Good thing they kept it in because it ended up being one of the most popular jackets Pope wears.


Christian Dior Jacket

Christian Dior Jacket Besides the gloves in this outfit, I am obsessed with this Christian Dior jacket because it is one of the few textured pieces Pope wears. She tends to stick to white, off-white, or gray, and rarely is anything but simple fabric The peplum structure of the jacket is perfect for Olivia’s tiny frame and she even makes it work for a formal occasion.


Louise Green White Hat

Louise Green White Hat One of Olivia Pope’s catchphrases is “put your white hats on” to show that Olivia Pope & Associates are the good guys. Her white hat at the end of season 2 was the perfect way to turn her catchphrase into the perfect accessory. Not many other characters could rock a hat that has a 20’s gangster vibe to it, but not many other characters are Olivia Pope.


Alexander McQueen Jacket

Alexander McQueen Jacket Pope & Associates always refer to themselves as “gladiators” so it makes sense that Olivia wears a military-inspired Alexander McQueen jacket. The program's costume designer, Lyn Paolo, knew that Olivia was under a lot of distress and wanted her coat to show her emotional armor against everything going around her.


Lululemon Workout Jacket

Lululemon Workout Jacket Naturally even when she goes running, Olivia Pope wears white. This skin-tight Lululemon jacket is probably how Pope motivates herself to take a break from her busy schedule of saving the day and stay in shape. If I had such a fashionable workout jacket, I probably would be more into running as well.

Everything Olivia Pope wears is simply perfect. Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo, has done an incredible job of using Olivia Pope’s closet to develop the character in a deeper sense. What did you think of Olivia Pope’s best looks? What are some other great looks from Scandal? Do you love Olivia Pope’s wardrobe or would you prefer she added some new elements into it?

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