9 Most Gorgeous Designer Clothing Sale Bargains ...


9 Most Gorgeous Designer Clothing Sale Bargains ...
9 Most Gorgeous Designer Clothing Sale Bargains ...

Designer Clothing Sale gives fashion lovers the chance to bag an amazing bargain. Sure, you might think that the clothes must be overpriced in the first place if they can be reduced by hundreds of dollars. But if you want to invest in a quality piece of clothing, the a designer clothing sale can give you the opportunity to do so at a more affordable price. Here are some gorgeous bargains from a designer clothing sale

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Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Dress

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Dress Price: ₤109.50 (approx $170) at net-a-porter.com

If you´re a fan of Vivienne Westwood´s signature tartan garments, and you happen to be an Italian size 40, then snap up this designer clothing sale bargain reduced by a massive 70%. It´s a smart grey rather than her usual bold colours, and practical as well, being hand-washable rather than dry clean only, as is usual with designer clothing. You´d get loads of wear out of it.


Diane Von Furstenberg Cape

Diane Von Furstenberg Cape Price: ₤260 (approx $400) at matchesfashion.com

Best known for her wrap dresses, Diane von Furstenberg has come up with a twist on the classic raincoat. This cape would see you through the changing seasons for years and give you that hint of style of film stars like Grace Kelly, but with a modern slant.


Yves St Laurent Sunglasses

Yves St Laurent Sunglasses Price: ₤126 (approx $195) at net-a-porter.com

Even in the designer clothing sales, Yves St Laurent clothes are out of the reach of most of us. These cool sunglasses, however, are perfect for a treat. Choose from classic black or ruby red, and you´ll look like a star. Just don´t leave them anywhere!


Nina Ricci Taffeta Dress

Nina Ricci Taffeta Dress Price: ₤1,552 (approx $2,400) at net-a-porter.com

At a whopping ₤1,500 half of its designer clothing sale price, this sparkly dress may not really qualify to be called a bargain, but isn´t it just gorgeous? It´s the kind of dress that´s so beautiful it should never be worn, but framed and kept behind glass to admire like a piece of art.


Vanessa Bruno Athé Dress

Vanessa Bruno Athé Dress Price: ₤85.50 (approx $133) at net-a-porter.com

If the Nina Ricci dress is way out of reach, then what about this less showy dress. It´s a similar colour, but without the sequins and the massive price tag. The Bruno dress has some lovely detailing and is much more versatile.


Theory Open-Knit Sweater

Theory Open-Knit Sweater Price: ₤106 (approx $165) at net-a-porter.com

Open-knit sweaters look fabulous with a plain vest underneath in a contrasting colour. They're also perfect for when you need a little cover-up but it´s not cold enough for a thick sweater. This teal shade will add an unusual splash of colour to your wardrobe without being too loud so grab one from this designer clothing sale.


Lulu Frost Turquoise & Diamante Bracelet

Lulu Frost Turquoise & Diamante Bracelet Price: ₤104 (approx $160) at net-a-porter.com

Or how about adding a lovely piece of jewellery to your wardrobe? Just one or two special items can make other garments look fabulous, and this turquoise & diamante bracelet will go wonderfully with your summer wardrobe. It would also look striking against a little black dress.


Lisa Maree Crochet Bikini

Lisa Maree Crochet Bikini Price: ₤42 (approx $65) at net-a-porter.com

Have you ever wanted one of those gorgeous crochet bikinis that celebs are often photographed wearing? This designer clothing sale bargain isn´t that much more expensive than you can pay in a regular shop. Just think how amazing you´ll look sunning yourself by the pool!


Lanvin Pumps

Lanvin Pumps Price: ₤318 (approx $495) at net-a-porter.com

Every girl should have at least one pair of utterly fabulous shoes, and this Lanvin pair fit the bill admirably. They are mostly plain black, but are finished with a large bow at the bag to add that designer touch of style. Plus they´re made for comfort, with a built-in platform. So the high heels won´t wear your feet out!

A designer clothing sale can offer some wonderful bargains if you choose carefully. As is often said, an expensive piece can actually be a better purchase than several cheaper items, if you get lots more wear out of it than out of cheap garments that are quickly discarded. Do you adore a good designer clothing sale, and what is the best bargain you´ve snapped up?

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