How do You Choose What to Wear?


How do You Choose What to Wear?
How do You Choose What to Wear?

When it comes to picking an outfit for the day ahead each morning, there are lots of different ways that people like to go about it. It isn’t always as simple as what you think looks nice. There are a handful of different factors that come in to play. Are you even aware of which direction you tend to go in terms of the ways that you pick what to wear every day? The interesting thing is that one person’s reasoning and preferences might be completely different to another’s. Here's the answer to the question of how do you choose what to wear?

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Emotional Reasons

You might choose to wear a certain outfit again and again because you have formed some sort of emotional attachment to it as a whole. Perhaps you had some of your best work days or your best nights out in a particular look so it is not surprising then that you would go back to those clothes to try to subconsciously replicate those feelings again.


Fear of Change

Another big factor might be fear of change. You have a set collection of clothes that you wear all the time and feel comfortable and secure in, and you don’t want to risk feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable in new garments and therefore you never tend to experiment with your looks. For some people, consistency in their clothing means a consistency in daily routine, which feels safe.


Exposure Effect

If you are someone who is heavily influenced by brands and advertising, then your clothing choices might be more about how susceptible you are than how much you actually like things. If someone or something is repeatedly telling you that certain items are the ones to crave, then you might fall in to line and decide they are the best whether or not you actually enjoy how they look on your body. Some people call this being a slave to fashion!


Job Dependent

If your work is your life, then you are probably in the mindset of just dressing for your career and not having much time to do anything outside of that box. People can get stuck in a routine of just wearing business casual outfits, or any other type of outfit that is fitting with their professional life, and forget to experiment with any other kinds of garments in your off time because you hardly ever have off time anyway!



Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, there are so many influencers out there now that sometimes you might just end up following their style rather than trying to carve out one of your own. There are plenty of people out there who will look at someone like Zoella and just decided to replicate her style as best they can. It’s an easy way to dress on trend, but sometimes it can prevent you from discovering who you are as a person and going on your own style journey instead.

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