How to Dress to Look Slimmer than You Are ...

By Alicia

Would you just love to know some dressing tips to look slimmer? These are some tried and true dressing tips to look slimmer that really work. You will be able to see the difference when you look in the mirror. These tips will help you to feel more confident and attractive anywhere you go.

1 Wear Black

Wear Black One of the dressing tips to look slimmer is an old one, but it's still going strong because it works. Wearing black will make you look slimmer, whether it's a pair of slacks or a little black dress. This is one reason the little black dress has maintained popularity across the decades! Wearing black creates a slimmer look because so much seems hidden neatly away. This is one of the most popular dressing tips to make you look slimmer.

2 Wear Heels

Wear Heels Heels can be a woman’s best friend. They can do many things for a woman’s body, including making you look slimmer. This is because it makes you look taller than you are and therefore, helps takes the focus off of your weight. This illusion of height is one you want to embrace. You don’t have to wear extremely high heels; even a small heel is helpful.

3 Work with Your Proportions

Work with Your Proportions It's a good idea to look in the mirror and evaluate your proportions. You want to accentuate the smallest part of your body. For example, if you have a very small waistline, you would want to wear belts to pull attention to that area. Additionally, you want to balance out any of the not-so-small parts. If your hips are wide, you want to choose a wide leg pant that will lend balance rather than calling attention to your hips.

4 Avoid Horizontal Stripes and Huge Prints

Avoid Horizontal Stripes and Huge Prints Horizontal stripes are a no-go when you're trying to look slimmer. Overly large prints are also to be avoided. Those are two prints that will make you look wide. If you're unsure which prints do work well for you, ask a friend that's talented with fashion. You might even consider hiring a personal stylist.

5 Go for Dark Wash Jeans

Go for Dark Wash Jeans Dark wash jeans are a slimming choice. Light wash are not. Always choose a darker pair of denims when you're shopping for jeans. They look slimming in addition to being a more fashionable choice. They also look good with everything.

6 Accessorize

Accessorize Accessories are your friend when you want to look slimmer. This is especially true of jewelry. When you have an interesting necklace on or some dangly earrings, that's what people are going to notice. You will catch their eye with your accessories. It pulls attention away from any weight issue you may have.

7 Don’t Let Yourself Go

Don’t Let Yourself Go If you put no effort into your appearance, it's going to show. Dressing in frumpy, loose clothing does not make you look slimmer. It actually makes you look heavier if you dress that way! Dress in clothing that makes you feel attractive. Take time to style your hair and apply makeup if you generally wear it. You will look more attractive and slimmer as well as feeling better about yourself.

These are some tips that can help you to look slimmer in the way that you dress. Do you have any to share? We can learn from each other by sharing!

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