4. Experiment

When you find a cut that suits your shape, keep a look out for it. Also, keep an eye out for variations. If you suit halter neck dresses, try a sweetheart cut next time. Or if baby doll dresses look good on you, why not try and empire waist dress? Also, don’t be afraid of trying something you previously thought wouldn’t suit you;

as long as you keep in consideration your body shape, you will never steer wrong. For example, if you are petite you might avoid full-length dresses but in fact they can look really dramatic on smaller women. Keeping in mind that a lot of heavy material will swamp your small frame, stick to lighter fabrics such as chiffon. Also, keep the waistline high and the cut streamlined to give the illusion of height.

So, forget surgery and forget airbrushing your selfies – dressing for your figure is the quickest and easiest way to look and feel amazing.