How to Choose the Best Coat for Your Body Shape ...


How to Choose the Best Coat for Your Body Shape ...
How to Choose the Best Coat for Your Body Shape ...

Choosing the right kind of coat for your body shape or type isn't always easy, so keep reading for a few helpful tips when it comes to styles that will always work in your well as what you should watch out for! 🙊 ✨✔️

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Rectangle 🤘

Ladies with a rectangular body shape should aim to choose a coat that will create the illusion of more of a defined waist than you might naturally, as well as curves.

One great option to try is a semi-fitted flared coat with an 'A' shaped silhouette as this will cleverly define your waist area while the flare gives the lower half of your body a curvier look!


Hourglass ⌛

Ladies with an hourglass figure naturally have an equal balance of curves distributed between their upper and lower halves, so there's a few more options for you when it comes to choice of coats!

One of the most flattering styles, however, are types that are single-breasted and then tied with a belt at the waist. Knee length coats are a great length for the hourglass figure too!


Pear / Triangle 🍐 🔺

Ladies with a pear or triangle shaped body should look for a coat that will maximise your upper half (which is naturally smaller than your lower half) and minimise anything from your waist down.

Double breasted coats with wide, dramatic collars are a great choice as it will create the illusion that your top half is naturally bigger than it actually is and so it will create a clever balance!


Inverted Triangle 🍇 🔻

Ladies with an inverted triangle body shape should aim to do the opposite of the triangle shape mentioned above. This means you want to make your lower half appear as equal as your upper half natural is.

A great choice for you when it comes to coats is to opt for one with a flared hem. This will quite cleverly and easily create the illusion that your bottom half is more of an equal balance with your top half, which is all thanks to the handy flare!


Apple / Circle 🍎 🔴

Ladies with a apple or circle shaped body should aim for a coat that will elongate your silhouette and make your waist appear slimmer than it may be naturally.

Generally speaking, aim for coats of a long length (think mini to maxi) for the illusion of an elongated body. As well as this, coats with a belt around the waist can be super useful when it comes to giving this particular area more definition!


Petite 🐰

Ladies who have a petite body type should aim for coats made of easy, lightweight fabrics as these won't seem to heavy on your naturally small frame. As well as this, pastel shades that are easy on the eye are great for providing a certain lightness.

Be careful when it comes to dark colours or bold, busy patterns and prints as these can sometimes make it look heavy, hectic or cause you to look swallowed up!


Tall 🐅

Ladies who are on the tall side should flaunt their naturally elongated body by opting for coats of a longer length (again, think midi or maxi). As well as this, you can also choose bold patterns, colours or prints if that's your style since it will work nicely with your naturally tall height without appearing too heavy.

However, be careful when it comes to coats of a shorter length as these can be harder to pull of on a generally tall frame and can often result in looking just a tad too short!

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