How to Make Your Cheap Clothes Last as Long as Designer Brands ...

By Teresa

I love designer brands as much as the next person, but like most people, I can’t always afford them. For my everyday wardrobe, I love my cheaper stores, like Forever 21 and Old Navy. If you’re with me on that one, you need to follow these tips to help your clothes last as long as possible. You’d be surprised at just how much you can extend the life of your favorite clothes when you follow these simple care tips!

1 Don’t over-wear Them

If you’re buying clothes from stores like Forever 21 or H&M, usually they’ll start to fall apart after a few wears. Because of that, don’t wear them more than once every few weeks. If you’re wearing this top multiple times a week, it’s definitely going to fall apart in the first few months that you own it.

2 Don’t Wash Them Too Much

Just like over-wearing them, washing them too much is just as big of an issue. When you wash your clothes too much, they fall apart very quickly just like they do when you’re wearing them too much. Try to be conscious of how often you’re washing your favorite pieces to avoid the eventual falling apart of your favorite clothes.

3 Avoid the Dryer

The dryer often causes a lot of damage done to your favorite clothes. Feel the material of all of your favorite clothes before you throw them in the dryer. If they feel like a material that might shrink or get wrecked in the dryer, let them air dry.

4 Read Those Pesky Labels

It is so important to read labels. Sure, you may want to just cut them out immediately after buying new clothes. However, if you’re not reading the labels, you can’t be sure what care your clothes need exactly. The care instructions are usually laid out very well, so if you’re not sure about how to care for something, look at the labels!

5 Hang Your Clothes Correctly

It’s crazy how important it is to store your clothes correctly. First, find hangers that aren’t going to leave marks on your clothes. Then, fold items that should be folded, like sweaters, to avoid hanger bumps in the shoulders. Each article of clothing should be stored just a little differently; making it something you need to pay attention to.

6 Rotate Your Clothing

To avoid over-wearing your clothes and ruining them, rotate your closet often. It will give you much more variety in what you’re wearing, so you’re not wearing the same clothes every week. It will definitely keep your clothing new and fresh looking!

7 Don’t Take a Razor to Your Sweaters

Okay- seriously, guys. Listen to me on this one. Do not take a razor to your clothes. It’s just a bad idea. I know it’s a very popular tip on Pinterest but it does not work. Dull razors will do nothing to get those little pills of fabric off of your clothes, and sharp razors will literally thin the fabric of your clothes so badly that there will be holes in your clothes. Just avoid the razor to the clothes tip altogether.

What are your favorite tips to preserve your favorite clothes? Have you tried any of these tips out? Will you try any of these tips out? Let me know in the comments!

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