Outfit Illusions: 7 Foolproof Ways to Dress up Any Plain Piece ...

You’d be surprised by how quickly you can transform a boring piece into something fun and new. When you’re looking at something in your closet that you’d wear on any normal day, stop yourself. How could you change it to wear on a day with more meaning? For example, how could you wear this piece to a job interview at your dream job? By applying these tips and tricks, it won’t be difficult when you need to dress up an outfit you’ve worn so many times!

1. Accessorize

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I’m a firm believer that any type of accessory can instantly dress up a boring outfit. Whether that accessory is a great pair of shoes, a sparkly necklace, or a bright bag, it can instantly spice up a piece that you just didn’t love as much anymore. If you’re bored with your current wardrobe, accessories can change everything!

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