7 Leather Products You Should Own ...


7 Leather Products You Should Own ...
7 Leather Products You Should Own ...

Leather products are usually expensive because of their quality, durability and appeal. However, I like to recommend leather products for those exact reasons. Leather products, although pricey at first, pay themselves off because of how long they last. Once you buy leather products, you’ll find you won’t have to replace them as often compared to non-leather products. Anyways, here’s a list of recommended leather products you should own.

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Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket A must for leather products is a leather jacket! Not only do leather jackets look boss but they usually last years and insulate from the cold. With that being said, they are definitely worth the investment. Plus, leather jackets can be dressed up or dressed down and are perfect for when you’re feeling edgy.


Leather Boots

Leather Boots Today, it’s hard to find quality shoes at reasonable prices. Plus, some shoes that do cost a leg and an arm also have quality issues. However, boots made out of genuine leather don’t fall apart as easily. In addition, leather boots can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them another great investment for your fall and winter wardrobe.


Leather Purse

Leather Purse Nothing says luxury like a leather purse! Women definitely use and abuse their purses by throwing them around, toting them around in the worst weather conditions and filling them up past their holding capacity. However, leather bags can withstand a lot more tough love than fabric or polyurethane bags.


Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet What goes with a leather purse better than a leather wallet? Wallets also endure their fair share of hardship. They hold a frenzy of cards, old receipts, and occasionally wrappers. However, with a quality leather wallet you won’t have to worry about overusing your wallet.


Leather Couch

Leather Couch Over time, leather becomes softer, making it the ideal fabric for a couch. Plus, today leather can be treated so it repels stains, making it even more suitable if you’re a messy eater, throw get-togethers often, or if you have young children. Finally, leather is durable and always in style, so replacing your couch every few years won’t be necessary.


Leather Car Interior

Leather Car Interior One of the ways to increase the value of your car is by installing a leather interior. However, a better reason for having leather seats is they are easier to clean and maintain. Plus, after a while fabric seats fade from sunlight and begin to smell if they are not taken care of properly. Most importantly, leather seats are perfect if you have an animal that sheds since you only need to wipe the seats clean, whereas fabric seats require vacuuming and spraying with harsh chemicals.


Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves Leather gloves are the ultimate winter accessory. I prefer leather gloves to any other type of glove because leather gloves have a sleeker, chic look, whereas fabric gloves can look juvenile and winter gloves are bulky. Another reason why I prefer leather gloves is because of their durability – fabric gloves usually need to be replaced every winter, sometimes even more than once during the same winter. In addition, winter gloves start to fray or get holes in them. Finally, I recommend leather gloves because you can wear them to work as well as to dinner after work!

I love leather products because I know I’m buying something of quality and prestige. Plus, leather products are timeless and classic, so it’s never out of style or tacky to be seen around with leather. What are some of your favourite leather products?

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Such a cold hearted post. Wear the leather if you must, but at least stop pushing it on others. I would suggest a movie Earthlings for the writer. Just to get an idea of what is she promoting.

I think there is no need to be rude, some people are just not informed about what really happens behind all those leather products. It is true! animals do suffer and it is not only a few.. Think about the demand they have to supply.. People in the leather industry don't care if their animals are having a painless death, they will do whatever is cheaper.. It's always about the money. They don't care if the cows scream or slowly bleed to dead. And just think about it.. Is it really necessary to have all those leather products? Don't we have plenty of resources to choose from? Are we going to freeze to death like cave men if we don't wear leather or fur inside our comfty warm office and house ? You are welcome to go to youtube and watch Earthlings.. You can see what really happens with animals.. Get infomed.

Really appalling post, god knows how those cows died (probably in great pain) just for the sake of wearing a jacket. There are PLENTY of other alternatives out there. These articles set a really bad example and do nothing to increase awareness on behalf of animals. Animals are here 'with us' and not entirely 'for us' please have some compassion and respect!

Not a very useful article at all

@Clarabella, i agree i honestly think that real leather looks too shiny and cheap other non animal materials look better and i wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing a poor cow had to be tortured and die so i could have a stupid piece of clothing

Again with these stupid leather posts. Stop putting fashion before the lives of animals heartless people.

Oh shut up ... So serious ... You don't see leather lovers campaigning against animal product wasters .. Yeah let's just trash all nature offers the top of the chain ... Over opinionated .. I love this article because I love leather .. Natures luxury .. X

I think she is died .

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