7 Little Tricks to Help You Look Taller ...


7 Little Tricks to Help You Look Taller ...
7 Little Tricks to Help You Look Taller ...

Tricks to look taller can come quite handy sometimes and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there hoping to find an easy way to visually gain a few inches and finally get to enjoy a boost of confidence even a small change such as this one can provide! Why not? If there’s a trick for looking thinner, a trick for having voluminous looking hair and a trick for making your breasts appear smaller or larger, there must be some tricks for looking taller! Well, you’re absolutely right and here are a few awesome, super easy tips on how to appear taller:

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Wear Heels

Well, duh, no surprise there but wait, before you develop a sudden need to congratulate me on my amazing talent for pointing out the obvious, allow me a moment to explain. You see, what I actually meant was “nice, elegant heels” as opposed to just any heels available out there. If you’re a petite gal sporting a pair of bulky, over-embellished platforms or chunky wedges you won’t be perceived as taller but somebody who’s desperately trying to be taller instead. Now do the same thing but opt for a classier more feminine shoe that won’t clash with your body shape or mess with your proportions and you won’t only notice a huge difference but learn how to appear taller using this oldest trick in the book.


Shape up

Losing those extra couple of pounds or simply getting back in shape and tightening up those loose muscles are actually very good tricks to look taller! It does sound pretty whacked and you might fail to see the connection at first but, believe me, it’s there and you’ll be surprised to know that physically fit people of average to short height actually appear taller than their bulkier fellows of the same height. Guys could visually add those few extra inches by simply going for a wiry, athletic look instead of brawny, club bouncer appearance while women might want to consider activities that don’t add bulk such as swimming, yoga, dance and aerobics.


Change Your Hairstyle

Want another interesting trick to look taller? How about something you didn’t even see coming? Hairstyle change, perhaps? Yup, choose it properly and it will help you put on a few inches overnight! And whether you prefer your hair short, medium or long, always make sure to have a few shorter layers cut on top to give you that natural lift and bounce, adding an extra inch or two without the cheap Snooki&Poof effect.


Show off Those Curves

Using various tricks to look taller is just as easy as using tricks to look skinnier or simply hide a few critical spots! And it’s no secret that, when it comes to this, clothes can be your best friend or your worst enemy! Choose figure flattering, form hugging cuts instead of chunky, shapeless pieces to obtain a more slender (and therefore taller) appearance, ditch capris and opt for either ultra short shorts (kind of like Lady Gaga) or normal length pants. High wasted Palazzos are definitely a good choice for every body shape and they are certainly something to look forward to in case you’re interested in visually adding a few inches without having to give up looking totally chic.


Go for a More Uniform Look

Okay, well we’ve figured out that looking taller does have a lot to do with clothes so this point kind of continues onto the previous one revealing more about colors and patterns you’ll want to go for. And guess what? You really don’t have to go for black or brown! Quite the opposite- bright colors and patterns (especially horizontal and vertical stripes) are more than welcome, as long as you remember to keep your look simple and toned down. Opt for jumpsuits and dresses in times when you too bored to mix and match and opt for subtle complimentary colors instead of full blown contrasts in case you do feel up for a challenge. A brightly colored piece is more than welcome as well, as long as you plan to use it to emphasize a really great feature (like slender arms, long legs or narrow waist).


Don’t Slouch

Well, this is more than a trick to look taller and definitely something you must pay attention to, regardless of your height. I slouch and, believe me, that’s one of the most unattractive things ever and the most difficult one to change as well. Now, it’s no secret that some extremely tall people slouch in hopes that will make them look shorter but in case your plan is to make a good use out of every inch available, you’ll definitely want to work on your posture every day until it becomes a habit.


Opt for Flattering Cuts

The last on my list of tricks to look taller will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes and upgrade your newfound knowledge on clothes that adds height. But let’s get started with something you should definitely skip like ruffles and teeny tiny flower prints (the reasons are pretty obvious I believe) and continue with cuts that will help you visually elongate your body such as V necks and eye-catching yet not totally overpowering vertical shapes. Take an extra effort to have your legs custom fitted instead of just rolling them up as that will make your legs look leaner and longer and, oh, never underestimate the power of a classic yet sexy pencil skirt or mini!

Using these tricks to look taller won’t only come with its obvious, previously stated perk but help you improve your style and maybe even obtain a few healthy habits along the road. Looking taller without having to rely on a miracle is possible so give these tips a go and tell me which are you going to be applying in the future.

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engaging into exercise will NOT make you bulk, its just a MYTH!

wow i slouch a lot i done it for many years in 6th i remeber being shorter than everyone else because i slouched and when i would sit up straight i would be more taller than i looked i guess thats why i always got bottom locker....

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