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Hey, fabulous ladies - January is in full swing and we've got a few easy ways to wear the January birthstone color: Garnet! Garnet has many color variations but is most widely recognized by the deep maroon/pomegranate color that we love. While the gem is associated with the month January, there are a number of ways to show off that fabulous hue. Check out my suggestions for lovely ways to wear the January birthstone color. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Dripping Jewels

Dripping Jewels Garnet is a beautiful. The color can range from deep maroon to a bright green. I drool every time I see this stone in that iconic deep maroon color. My most favorite accessory is a sterling silver ring with a rectangular cut garnet. I love it! And January isn’t even my birth month. Garnet feels regal. Perhaps it has something to do with the gem’s historical association with royalty. This garnet ring from Amazon has a cushion cut stone set in brushed sterling silver. Donning a garnet ring is one of many lovely ways to wear the January birthstone color that we love.
Price $36.95 at amazon.com


Fabulous Dress

Fabulous Dress Heat up a cold wintry day in a warm little number like this garnet colored sweater dress. I suggest wearing this sweater dress with neutral colored accessories. Whichever dress style you choose, be sure the length and style compliment your height and personality. Pair this dress with modest accessories for daytime wear in the office or dress it up with fabulous accessories for a night on the town with friends.
Price $79.00 at yoox.com


Vintage Shoes

Vintage Shoes Garnet is a great color for vintage inspired footwear. The bold color will bring attention to your feet, compliment the shape of the shoe, and spice up your outfit. A vintage inspired shoe like the Qupid crinkle garnet pump is perfect. I would wear this pair whenever I want a pop of color. Choose a shoe style that you love and give this color a try.
Price $30.99 at amazon.com


Fabulous Purse

Fabulous Purse Add a little touch of chic to your outfit with a garnet purse. Change out your regular purse for this different pop of color. This garnet colored Croc Lady Tote from Top Shop is budget friendly and spacious. You can stuff it full of all your daily essentials and be on your way.
Price $30 at topshop.com


Bold Nails

Bold Nails I rarely paint my nails anything other than clear. But when I do paint them, I use bold colors like Retro Diva from China Glaze. It is a gorgeous shade of garnet. If you like bold colors then give it a try. Remember to use a base coat before applying any dark colored polish. Applying a base coat as a first layer can keep the dark polish from staining your nails.
Price $4.40 at amazon.com


Subtle Eyewear

Subtle Eyewear At a recent eye examination I noticed a huge variety of lovely frames. There are tons and tons of options available. If you want to develop a signature style think about donning a pair of garnet colored frames. It's good eye health and protection in a stylish package.
Price varies. See your eye doctor.


Lovely Lips

Lovely Lips Do you like bold lip color? If so, then garnet colored lipstick might be a great option for you. Sally Hansen’s Natural Beauty Color Comfort Lip Color in Garnet 1030-46 is a great shade. This bold lip color is sure to draw attention. Glide it on and wear it with confidence.
Price $0.49 at amazon.com

Garnet is chic and sexy all in one. These are just a few ways that you can incorporate this gorgeous color into your personal style without overpowering it. What do you think of this color? Do you own any garnet colored pieces? Please, share.

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