Make Your Hips Look Hot with These Style Tips ...

It doesn't matter if you think your hips are too narrow or too wide, because they're beautiful just the way they are. That's why you should try to show them off as often as you can, whether you're wearing a party dress or a casual tank with jeans. All you have to do is style your clothing in a way that shows off your natural shape. Here are a few style tips that'll make any woman's hips look hot, whether they're wide or narrow:

1. Tuck Your Shirts into Your Pants

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If you're wearing a long, loose shirt, then your hips aren't going to be visible. That's why you need to tuck your tops into your bottoms. That way, the world will get a better view of your shape. Just make sure that your shirt doesn't stick out of the bottom of your shorts, and that your shirt doesn't look wrinkled when you tuck it in.

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