How to do the High Waist Trend Right for All Body Types ...


If there's one style that will make it past all of the fashion rules that come along with every season, it's definitely the high waist trend. In my opinion, it's the perfect go-to look. Not only does it flatter all body types, it's also super easy to pull off. Here's how you can be the queen of this vintage inspired look every single time you leave your house!

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Take Your Business Casual Outfit to the Next Level by Pairing High Waist Trousers with Cute Flats and a Cardigan

clothing,footwear,fashion,leather,spring, Source: Real Life Style Icon: Tanesha


Converse Sneakers Can Make High Waisted Looks Look Cute and Casual at the Same Time

clothing,photography,shorts,footwear,leg, Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic


Midi Skirts Highlight Your Legs. Rock Them with a Long Sleeve Shirt to Balance out Your Outfit

color,clothing,blue,dress,girl, Source: cobalt blue Archives - MEMORANDUM


Monochrome Can Look Ridiculously Sexy when Done Right. the Heels Are a Definite plus

clothing,lady,beauty,footwear,fashion, Source: Fashion, Style and Plus Size


Fact: There's Nothing Hotter than Wearing a Leopard Print Crop Top with a Trendy White Skirt

clothing,outerwear,footwear,fashion,dress, Source:


Tucking Your Blouse in Can Make a Major Difference between a Disheveled Look and a Well Put Together One

clothing,leg,footwear,abdomen,dress, Source: 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks


Distressed Jean Shorts Are One of the Biggest Trends This Season

hair,clothing,person,hairstyle,fashion, Source:


Rocking Pink is Always the Right Move, Especially if Paired with Contrasting Colors

dress,clothing,pink,lady,girl, Source: Plus Size Fashion & Beauty


Spring (and Summer!) is All about Wearing Printed Skirts

vacation,resort, Source: Curvy is the new black


Because They're so Versatile, Small Polka Dots Are Easier to Dress up or down

clothing,blue,dress,photography,lady, Source:


If You Want to Go the Indie Chic Look, Try Pairing Your Shorts with a Thin Belt and a Peter Pan Collar Blouse

clothing,glasses,hairstyle,fashion,photo shoot, Source: Oh! Poupee


It's a Given. Bright Colors Are Perfect for Spring

hair,clothing,yellow,dress,girl, Source: ModCloth


Trousers with a Wide Leg Will Make You Look Brunch Date and Office Ready

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,jeans, Source:


Taylor Swift is Famous for Rocking High Waist Shorts with Long Sleeves. Hint: It Works!

clothing,beauty,footwear,fashion,leg, Source: The Secrets to Taylor Swift's


Show off Your Toned Legs in Chiffon Shorts

clothing,undergarment,sleeve,dress,fashion, Source: Other Clothing: Best of July


Loose Shorts Will Compliment Your Sexy Waist by Cinching in Your Blouse

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,sweater,abdomen, Source: The ultimate inspiration list vol


From the Peplum Skirt to the Tie Waist Shirt, She is Killing the Fashion Game

color,photograph,clothing,red,blue, Source: Some Plus Size Fashion Inspiration


The Leather Jacket Really Defines This Look

clothing,footwear,pattern,denim,spring, Source: High Waisted Pants By Style


Wear a Pencil Skirt to Show off Your Curves and Elongate Your Torso and Legs

black,clothing,dress,lady,beauty, Source: The Outfit That Makes You


This Peach Midi Skirt is Perfect for Brunch with Your Friends

clothing,dress,wedding dress,bridal clothing,fashion, Source: Pink Plain Draped High Waisted


Channel Your Inner Sailor by Wearing a Navy Skirt with Stripes

clothing,dress,pattern,fashion,spring, Source: Summer Into Fall Outfits ~


Jeans Are Very Casual but Can Come off as Edgy when Paired with the Right Accessories

clothing,girl,fashion,spring,footwear, Source: Summer Into Fall Outfits ~


Dress up Your Chambray Button-down Shirt with Grey Trousers

clothing,formal wear,spring,dress,photo shoot, Source: Style Pantry


A Sexy Slit Spices up Your Daytime Look

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,little black dress, Source: Black and Killing It


This Vintage Bathing Suit Cut Looks HOT on All Shapes and Sizes

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,photo shoot,long hair, Source: The Fashion Spot


A Dramatically Long Cardigan and Shorts Will Accent Your Legs

car,clothing,vehicle,woman,lady, Source: Piniful

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Dear allwomenstalk for the most part you got some good stuff on here I love how you use real women with real body types of all sizes. Keep it real

How to do the high waist trend right (for all body types) Step 1: wear what you want. That's it. No more steps. Just wear what makes you happy.

#23, my style.

All of the women were rocking these looks. They looked so good, and I got a lot of inspiration from this article. =)

So pleased to see real women looking fab - keep the range of body types allwomenstalk

@Molly so true agree with you all the way

I really like the outfits 😌 can I date the models?

@Molly lmfao well said thank you!

My favorite style is #16 and #22

Loved all of them 💗

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