Misconceptions about Fashion Many People Have ...


Misconceptions about Fashion Many People Have  ...
Misconceptions about Fashion Many People Have  ...

Today many people have many misconceptions about fashion and why it’s not a necessity. Many people believe that it’s expensive, uncomfortable, and pointless or they don’t feel like it makes much of a difference because they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. I’m here to explain why those reasons are wrong and what to do about them. Understanding these misconceptions about fashion can help you change your view of shopping and you'll have way more confidence and love the way you look when you get dressed in the morning.

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That Your Outfits Need to Be All Name Brands

fashion model, beauty, fashion, headgear, girl, One of the biggest misconceptions about fashion is that your clothes need to be brand name. In order to look your best, you don’t have to have anything on that’s name brand because the truth is most people can’t afford name brand garments, especially a closet filled with them. It’s important to keep in mind that just because a particular piece is name brand, that doesn’t mean it’s worth the money. You can wear an entire name brand outfit and still look bad because it’s not styled well. Likewise, you can put together an off brand outfit and look fabulous.


That You Should Buy Things You Don’t Love

yellow, footwear, car, jeans, snapshot, If you don’t love it when you see it or try it on, chances are you won’t wear it and that makes it a waste of money. Also, there are plenty of stores that are cheaper in price but that sell good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. The best part about these stores is that they also have really good sales, which makes it easier to buy clothes that look like you’ve spent a pretty penny, even if you didn't.


Fashion is Too Uncomfortable

clothing, footwear, leg, shoe, shoulder, When it comes to fashion, first and foremost, find the style you like the best. If comfort is what you want, then that is what you’ll work with. For instance, a stretchy pair of jeans and a loose top paired with flats and sunglasses will have you feeling comfortable and looking stylish as well. A loose fitted dress and a pair of flats will also do the trick. Now you won’t have any excuses to make about not being comfortable when dressing up for the day.


There's No Point to Fashion

footwear, clothing, fashion model, shoe, fashion, Fashion is for everyone. When you look good you feel good. Your style boosts your mood up and it’s a good way to express your personality and creativity. People notice when you’ve put effort into what you’re wearing and they complement you on it. Dressing up gives you confidence and it might be the confidence you need to get through the day. Everyone deserves to feel fabulous and feel good about themselves. There aren’t many things you can control in life but you can control the way you look and feel about yourself. That's the point of fashion!

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