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These days music festivals seem to be just as much about the fashion as they are about the music. ‘Festival fashion’ is a term we hear thrown around a lot and each festival seems to have its own fashionable vibe. Think Kate Moss’ rock-chic looks at Glastonbury or Kate Bosworth’s boho vibes at Coachella. It’s not just the celebrities with the best style either. Many festival crowds are packed with fashionable attendees. Take a look at these music festivals where the fashion seems to be just as important as the music.

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Coachella Coachella seems like one of those music festivals where people go to be seen. The style is laid-back California dressing with boho flair - feather headdresses and flower crowns are aplenty at Coachella. Celebrities are known to flock to this festival and its numerous pre and after parties. And now that the festival is spread over two weekends, there are even more opportunities for style spotting.



Lollapalooza Lollapalooza is another well known American music festival. It’s held in Chicago each summer and takes place over several days. Unlike Coachella, which is held in the middle of the desert, Lollapalooza is held in the city. As a result, the fashion tends to have a much more urban feel to it.



Glastonbury Glastonbury has a reputation of being one of the muddiest festivals around. However, it still draws a fashionable crowd. It’s also a favourite for Kate Moss and both British and international celebrities alike. The dress code seems to be city meets farmer-chic with skinny jeans, cut-off shorts and leather jackets mixing in effortlessly with more practical wellington boots and parkas.



SXSW South by South West (SXSW) is a multi-venue festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. It’s not all about live music either, with conferences and trade shows also taking place as part of the festival. SXSW has a distinctly non-festival vibe to it and you’re more likely to see attendees wearing their usual off-duty outfits rather than the exaggerated festival outfits you’d find at places like Coachella.


Field Day

Field Day Field Day is a one day festival that’s held in London. Its musical lineup is usually made up of alternative and indie acts. London crowds are fashion forward and the festival fashion at Field Day generally falls on the hipster side of things. Unlike other festivals that fall over multiple days and involve camping, Field Day is perfect for those who want to invest all their energy into one super stylish festival outfit.



Pitchfork Pitchfork music festival is another Chicago-based event. It’s held over three days in the middle of summer so the festival fashion is very summer-centric. That said, the style varies greatly from sporty urban looks to bohemian-inspired outfits. The lineup can vary from rock to rap acts, so I guess the fashion of the crowd can differ depending on what act you’re watching.


Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound Primavera Sound is a music festival held in Barcelona, Spain. Its location on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea makes for quite a unique festival atmosphere. The European crowds know how to bring their fashion A-game and you’re bound to find plenty of stylish attendees amongst the crowds.

Every time a music festival rolls around it’s common to see galleries of style snaps posted by media outlets. These are just some music festivals that are known to draw fashionable crowds. Do you go for style or comfort when dressing for a music festival?

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