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I could give up hats and necklaces, could give up wearing all rings except the special one but there are some accessories I could never give up. Some of them are actually useful, others are nothing more than a decorative bling but, boy, would I feel naked without them. I’m sure you have those too, don’t you? Those pieces that have been a part of your style before they even became popular, pieces that will continue on being your faves long after some fancy designer declares them “so last year”. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about and here are 7 of those special accessories I could never give up:

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I can live without a necklace, I could live without a pair of earrings but a scarf… a scarf is something I have with me at all times. They decorate my hair or my purse in the summer only to return to their rightful place, as soon as the first breaths of cold winds appear. Tying a new knot or trying out a new look is always fun so, if I had to choose between necklaces and scarves, I’d definitely pick the latter.



Different hairpieces are definitely one of those accessories I could never give up, mostly due to the fact that I’m totally incapable of creating a hairstyle, especially in times when I really need one. It’s a process that requires hours and strong nerves, both of which I often lack, and reaching out for a matching hairpiece is a perfect crime. No pain, no frustrations, no messing up. I just straighten my hair, which is actually something I’m good at, add an eye-catching head band and I’m all set.


Ankle Bracelet

I like bracelets, especially bangles but leaving home without them isn’t so big of a tragedy for me. Forgetting to wear my favorite ankle bracelet, however, is, regardless of the fact that nobody really notices them too much. I’ve always loved the way they jingle, the way they look and I’ve especially grown very appreciative of the fact that they don’t demand too much attention. It’s just like having a piercing, only less painful – you have some jewelry on but it doesn’t get on your way.


Belly Rings

Flashy ones, crazy ones, normal ones – I’m a sucker for belly rings and they are definitely accessories I could never give up, not even during pregnancy. I’d probably re-pierce my belly again when it’s all over and continue collecting different rings. It has nothing to do with attention and showing off because I never wear tops so short, I just like them… period.



When I’m not collecting belly rings, you’ll often find me checking out belts. I love huge, heavy buckles, unusual, eye-catching shapes and I totally hate rhinestones, crystals and other sparkly elements. A cool belt definitely adds more style to the whole outfit and it also does a hell of a job at keeping the jeans in place so, it’s not like it’s just a silly, useless piece of fashion.


Leather Gloves

My favorite autumn/winter goodies, accessories that keep me warm and looking fabulous, accessories I could never give up, accessories I’d find a way to use even if I decided to move to Africa! I do follow that silly, outdated rule that says gloves and shoes must be a perfect match although I also love the idea of wearing green, blue or even orange ones, especially if the outfit is all black.



I have my mom to thank for my passion for nice brooches because she always had quite a bit of them in her collection. She was never into jewelry but brooches, now that’s a whole different story. I loved playing with them, touching them, and she was always more than willing to share them with me and even surprise me with a new one here and there. She rarely uses them now, claims she’s gotten too old for those things but I still love them, still playing with different shapes, colors and styles… and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Well, these are the accessories I could never give up and now I want you to tell me something about your must-haves. Are there any special accessories you like to call your own?

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