10 Newest and Coolest Fashion Trends for Fall 2016 ...


Summer might be ending soon (so sad ☹️) but the good news is that fall is right around the corner and that means we can get into these amazing fashion trends that are huge already! What's your favourite fall trend and the one that you're most looking forward to? 🍁 🍂 ❄️ ⛄️ Comment below! ⬇️⬇️

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Fabulous Faux Fur

clothing, fur, procyonidae, mammal, chinchilla, Faux fur never really went out of style so it makes sense that it would be a total trend this coming fall, right?! Take a walk on the wild side by opting for bold, bright colours and prints that catch your eye and make a fabulous fashion statement! Spread the word and show your support by choosing faux fur over real fur!


Beautiful Bardot

clothing, undergarment, blond, hair, hairstyle, Bardot (also knows as 'off the shoulder') styles are super trendy right now so the good news is that you won't have trouble finding one if you want to jump on the bandwagon with this one! Pick up a cute bardot style top or dress that typically shows off your shoulders and make sure it's elasticated around the top so it feels secure when wearing!


Sophisticated Jumpsuits

clothing, art, crochet, footwear, dress, Like playsuits, jumpsuits have gotten really big lately in the world of fashion and the good news is that there are so many different styles, colours, prints and patterns to try that there's bound to be something to love for everyone! Opt for a really slim fitting and flattering jumpsuit this fall if you want all eyes on you!


Statement Chokers

fashion accessory, jewellery, necklace, neck, chain, Chokers are on their way back into fashion! Whether you like a really dramatic style of chokers that totally make a statement or prefer low-key, subtle chokers made of thin ribbons, you're going to rock this trend! Opt for different styles of chokers so that you can pair them with heaps of different outfits for various occasions!


Bold Bell Sleeves

clothing, footwear, bag, pattern, shoe, Who want to have regular sleeves on their tops and dresses when you can have dramatic bell sleeves that instantly make a statement?! Bell sleeves give any ordinary top or dress an overall gorgeous shape as well as making it way more interesting! Make a point of standing out from the crowd this fall with beautiful, bold bell sleeves!


Bold Bomber Jackets

clothing, vision care, eyewear, eye glass accessory, leather, Bombers jackets are literally everywhere these days so if you haven't already got one (or five) now is the time to make this super stylish trend your own! There are heaps of different colours to choose from, so if you want to be bold and daring opt for an eye-catching metallic gold or silver, otherwise if you're after simple and subtle opt for a gorgeous baby blue, light pink or off-white!


Stylish, Sexy Satin

clothing, sleeve, cocktail dress, dress, thigh, Satin is a trend that you'll pretty much be seeing everywhere these days as it's becoming super stylish and fashionable! Opt for a slinky satin dress if you're after a sexy look or a satin bomber jacket if you want something more edgy and daring! What's your favourite satin piece that you're definitely going to be picking up this fall?


Viral Velvet

clothing, dress, cocktail dress, magenta, model, Didn't you hear? Velvet is going viral so pick up your favourite velvet pieces before they disappear off the racks from our much loved go-to stores! Velvet is super versatile is the way that it can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and event!


Stylish Shearling Jackets

clothing, hair, hairstyle, leather, scarf, Shearing jackets are making a comeback so this is one trend you won't want to miss out on! These jackets are super versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything these days from sneakers, midi dresses to a stylish jumpsuit! On top of that, they come in a huge variety of colours now so you'll be super spoilt for choice!


Ravishing Ruffles

clothing, dress, cocktail dress, spring, Ruffles are a great feminine touch to any outfit but they still make a statement in their own way, so you totally get the best of both worlds! Prepare for fall by opting for ruffle sleeves, neckline, hem or even down the front of dresses, skirts and playsuits for a gorgeous waterfall effect!

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Well, we should have a lot of fun with our attire this fall☮. GOOD LUCK LADIES

These are all recycled '90s trends, only worse

No.10 is halarious ,

awesome post!

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