10 Best Fall Fashion Trends for Short Girls πŸ‘—πŸ‘–πŸ‘  ...


Just because you're in the petite girls club, doesn't mean you have to miss out on some fabulous fall fashion trends. Here are some of the most flattering styles all short girls should definitely embrace this fall!

1. Shift Dresses

clothing, footwear, sneakers, black and white, leather,

2. V Neck Sweaters

clothing, sweater, leather, jacket, outerwear,

3. High Waisted Everything

clothing, snapshot, footwear, jeans, sneakers,

4. Leather Weather

clothing, hair, jacket, hairstyle, leather jacket,

5. Velvet Love

clothing, denim, blue, electric blue, leather,

6. Long Cardigans

clothing, jacket, leather, sweater, jeans,

7. Bell Sleeves

8. STATEMENT Faux Furs

clothing, color, yellow, footwear, coat,

9. Ruffles and Pleats

clothing, footwear, denim, pattern, fashion,

10. Sweater Dresses

clothing, footwear, leather, riding boot, shoe,

Which is your favorite fall trend for 2018?