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Must Try Fall Trends for Fashionistas Who like to Make a Statement ...

By Lucy

The best trends to try are ones that you don't have to change up your entire wardrobe for - who even has time for that?! Instead, simply and easily change up one or two pieces to make the ultimate statement that all fashionista girls adore!

1 Add Socks to Those Heels

footwear, black, shoe, fashion accessory, leg, Yep, you may have always been told not to wear socks with heels or thought this was strange, but this trend is now officially hitting the mainstream so you'd better be quick to get on board! Opt for shoes that are super delicate or dressy as these go amazingly with socks with a super chic sheen!

2 Slip a Sweater under That Dress

clothing, pink, fashion, spring, pattern, Whether you like to add colour to your wardrobe or stay strictly in all-black-everything, you can totally rock this style! For the former, choose a bright and colourful sweater to go under your slip dress to make a statement, or for the latter opt for a neutral coloured sweater under a simple black slip dress - for which you can't go wrong!

3 Clinch in a Puffy Puffer

clothing, black, footwear, winter, fashion, Have you ever noticed how you can look like you've doubled in size as soon as you put on your beloved puffer jacket for the colder seasons? Of course you do - we've all been there! To avoid this, however, try clinching your puffer jacket in at the waist for a much more flattering look while you stay warm this fall and winter!

4 Get Cosy in a Faux Fur Collar

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, jacket, fashion, Does anything look more edgy and super chic than a leather jacket complete with a luxurious faux fur collar? I don't think so! This is a fall trend that every fashionista must try to make an ultimate statement that is pretty much guaranteed to turn heads in every direction - and for all the right reasons!

5 Aim for High Impact with Tracksuits

white, clothing, road, footwear, fashion, Is the idea of solid separates sending you to sleep with boredom? You're not alone there! Make an outfit more interesting and exciting by incorporating graphic stripes into your wardrobe, or more specifically, into your tracksuits. To ensure you still look super sophisticated and make a statement you might want to opt for high contrast stripes.

6 Shorten That Cross Body Bag

dress, clothing, photography, little black dress, cocktail dress, This fall on the runway we're seeing loads of cross body bags worn shortened and higher up on the body for a tight, snug fit. We love this trend since it allows us to choose thick straps for an edgy look or opt for thin, delicate straps for a subtle yet feminine look to your ensemble!

7 We Want Those Cuffs Supersized

clothing, dress, fashion, outerwear, costume, In case you didn't know, rolled up cuffs are officially out and have cleverly been replaced with the complete opposite - supersize cuffs that are free to hang right down in a super dramatic style! If you want to try this trend, opt for a dress or top with bell sleeves as these are great for achieving this supersize effect!

Which of these trends are you going to be trying this fall? 😍

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