7 of Blake Lively's Red Carpet Looks That Were Incredibly Swoon-worthy ...

Blake Lively's red carpet looks have proven that the talented actress is well on her way to becoming a style icon. She's looked amazing at every event this year - I'm always so eager to see what she's wearing! She's definitely a role model and inspiration for young fashionistas. Check out some of Blake Lively's red carpet looks and let me know which ones your favorites are. P.S the first three looks are all from the Cannes Film Festival and yes, they ALL deserve a spot on this list!

1. Cannes Film Festival

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Blake wore a burgundy colored Gucci gown on day 1 of the Cannes Film Festival. It looks like this dress was tailor-made just for her, it fits so perfectly! I love that it's sophisticated and sexy at the same time. She kept the accessories to a minimum with some chunky earrings and a bracelet. That leg slit is the perfect way to show off those amazing shoes! This is just one of Blake Lively's red carpet looks.

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