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14 Lovely Hat and Mitten Sets to Keep You Warm ...

By Eliza

When winter rolls around and snow is flying, I rely on my hat and mitten sets to keep me warm without sacrificing my need to look cute. Fortunately, there are lots of choices these days, so you can find hat and mitten sets in a huge array of colors and patterns. That means you can easily pair a set with any of your favorite outfits. And the best part is that they look so cute, you won't even mind putting them on. Whether you want something girly or practical, you're sure to find it!

1 Neutral and Warm

Neutral and Warm Via Chunky Crochet Mittens and Scarf
This is one of the hat and mitten sets you'll quickly come to rely on. It has a neutral color palette and is thick enough to be super warm. You could easily wear this set with whatever you want. It looks great with jeans and a sweater.

2 Minion Hat and Mittens Set

Minion Hat and Mittens Set Via Free Crochet Connection: MINION HAT ...
Maybe you'd rather save this one for your daughter, but minions are super popular right now so you can totally rock this if you want to. You'll be the most popular parent at school drop off, that's for sure!

3 Totally Feminine

Totally Feminine Via "Snow Princess" Girls and Adult ...
This is the set I want! I like how it's warm, but is still feminine with the bows and sequins for sparkle. This set is one I'd wear every day.

4 All Furry and Cozy

Via Set consists of: Knitted DROPS ...
I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't be warm wearing this set. It would be perfect for ice skating or a long walk on a snowy evening. And it's cute too!

5 Zelda Hat and Mittens Set

Via Link from Zelda Hat and ...
If you're more a pattern kind of girl, this is the set you'll want. It's cute, right? The greens and yellows are easy to match with your coat and the entire look is one you won't see on anyone else.

6 Winter White

I don't wear white too often because my kids are stain making machines. But I love the look of a great white hat and mittens set. The flowers are super cute!

7 Go for a Bright Color

Via DW5 | Final Reveal & ...
Of course, there's nothing wrong with going for a bright color, like the orange in this picture. Red, pink, turquoise and purple are other great choices.

8 Red and White

This sort of makes me think of candy canes. But it's perfect for all winter long too.

9 Snowman Hat and Mitten Set

Snowman Hat and Mitten Set Via Snowman Hat and Mitten Set ...
If you want something quirky and different, you'll love this cute snowman set. It's adorable, isn't it?

10 Fancy Pattern

Fancy Pattern Via Lacy Leaf Hat & Mittens ...
Whether you knit your own set or buy one at the store, finding one with a pattern like this one adds lots of personality to your entire look.

11 Cute on Top

Via Brooklyn Tweed
I don't know about you, but I really like finding a warm winter hat that looks this cute on top. That way it can become part of your outfit rather than just something to keep you warm.

12 Slouchy and Casual

Via BLOC Hat and Mitten set ...
She looks warm and trendy at the same time. This hat would be perfect for a laid back winter day and you wouldn't have to take it off at all.

13 Basketweave Hat and Mitten Set

This set looks so warm, doesn't it? I like that it's practical and warm, but still cute with the buttons. A simple set like this one would serve you well.

14 Swirl Scarf, Hat, and Mittens Set

This is a little over the top, but it would be fun to make. Customize it with your favorite colors. Who doesn't want to match their blanket?

What does your favorite hat and mittens set look like? What makes it your favorite? Did you see anything on this list that you must have?

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