7 Perfect Punk Pieces for the Fashion Rebel within You ...


7 Perfect Punk Pieces for the Fashion Rebel within You ...
7 Perfect Punk Pieces for the Fashion Rebel within You ...

For many, the punk look conjures up images of the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood, but there are some perfect punk pieces for the fashion rebel within you. It's a look that can be refined to suit your mood and fit the event without making you look totally unapproachable. There are some punk pieces that will pack that fashion punch this season and will make you want to sing God Save the Queen, or not as the case may be. Here are some punk pieces to unleash the fashion anarchist in us all.

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Cool Cropped Tees

Cool Cropped Tees Much like animal print, the punk look is one which never seems to date and can be understated or overstated to suit your age, mood and the event. We've seen celebs sporting the cropped t-shirt this summer so why not follow suit? (Perhaps put a vest on underneath in this chilly weather!) A casual crop t-shirt like this will look great with just about anything from jeans or black pants to a short skirt. This is one of the great punk pieces for your fall wardrobe.


Perfect Purse

Perfect Purse A super cool skull purse will add a touch of punk class to any outfit. A piece like this is a perfect place for your coins and credit cards, and it's the perfect time of year for it.


These Boots Were Made for Walking

These Boots Were Made for Walking The perfect pair of boots will help channel that punk princess in us all. You can find many boots like these that come in multiple colors, but black is probably more practical and you're likely to get more wear out of them, although that's my rational side talking. The irrational fashionista on my shoulder is screaming "Buy them in both colours!" Team them with just about anything from super short skirts to floor length dresses.


Bag Lady

Bag Lady Come on ladies, you can never have too many handbags right? A gorgeous leather punk style bucket bag is great for college or those shopping trips. A bag like this is roomy too, and perfect for any casual or smart occasion.


Leg It

Leg It Leggings are so versatile and can be worn with either shorts or skirts. The great thing about them is that when it gets a bit chilly outside, you can wear them with some coloured tights underneath to change your look and keep you nice and cosy at the same time. Roll on winter!


Get Shirty

Get Shirty A plaid cotton shirt is perfect for this fall. Not only is it the punk friendly pattern of the season, but plaid makes an appearance on the catwalk and therefore in the stores every fall. Again, this is another versatile style which can be worn with both pants and skirts and it looks great with the leather skirt and even better with those must-have boots. Like you needed an excuse!


Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers For a more conservative punk look, if that's possible, a check blazer is great for the office with black pants and a cool crisp white shirt or paired with jeans for a casual look. It's an investment buy that you'll be able to take out of your wardrobe year after year.

So whether you're a punk pro or a punk apprentice, these punk pieces are perfect and you don't even have to dye your hair pink or ask your hairdresser for a lime green mohawk (unless you really want to!). Is anyone out there a fan of the punk look and will anyone be dipping their toes in the punk pool this season?

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Half of these aren't too punk anyway, I guess it's how u wear it more then anything, I would think trail blazers is going more towards an equestrian look but...

Omg luv luv the purse!

Number 3, her legs are sooooo skinny ! :0

<3 rebel looks

Punk here we come!

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