8 Super Glamorous Sequined Essentials ...


8 Super Glamorous Sequined Essentials ...
8 Super Glamorous Sequined Essentials ...

Sequined Clothes, bags, footwear and accessories are one of the hottest trends in the past few years! Sequins are here and, judging from their rising popularity, they are here to stay. So, if you’ve missed your chance to rock a sequined box clutch in 2010, turn heads wearing some of many sequined clothes 2011 had to offer or even welcome the new 2012 wrapped in a fab sequined dress, there is still time to catch up on this amazing look. And here are some sequined clothes and accessories I’d like to suggest:

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BCBGMAXAZRIA Sequined Dress Price: $398.00 at zappos.com
The first and the most important on my list of sequined clothes is, of course, a super glamorous, super glitzy dress you’ll be able to show up in and literally get all the attention! And I’m not talking about just any dress, I’m talking about THE dress – a fully sequined, interesting piece such as this one. This fab dress doesn’t need any accessories to look great so you can just put it on and you’re ready to roll!


Forever 21 Sequined Cardigan

Forever 21 Sequined Cardigan Price: $22.80 at forever21.com
But sequined clothes don’t have to be evening glam you can allow yourself to wear in special occasions only. In fact, an effective and yet low key piece of knitwear is a perfect choice for all the ladies who are looking for a way to incorporate a bit of glitz into their everyday attire. Wear it for work, school, date or even as a warm black-tie appropriate cover-up and you’ll see exactly how great of an investment an embellished cardigan can be!


Joe’s Jeans Dakota Tank Top

Joe’s Jeans Dakota Tank Top Price: $89.99 at zappos.com
I had a long sequined tunic shortened into a tank top and, let me tell you something ladies – it has been my favorite piece ever since that! It used to just sit in my closet for about a year but now it goes great with skirts, jeans, pants, even leggings and all you have to do to get a killer outfit is throw a longer wasted blazer over it and accessorize with some seriously chunky jewelry. It’s an absolute must regardless of the season.


Nine West Kaboose Pumps

Nine West Kaboose Pumps Price: $67.99 at zappos.com
But enough with sequined clothes for now – let’s talk sequined footwear! I’m loving these Nine West beauties and I’m sure you do too! After all, girl has to have a pair of glitzy party shoes and these pumps right here are as shiny as a disco ball and will certainly have you dancing, looking good and feeling good all night long.


AG Sequined Ankle Jeggings

AG Sequined Ankle Jeggings Price: $157.99 at zappos.com
Sequin-lovers all around the world, raise your hand if you would love to rock a pair of these super glam jeggings! Some would say there a bit too much and I do have to admit they might be viewed as “flashy” but hey – if you’ve got a pair of great legs and you know how to work a statement piece, you should definitely give them a shot.


BCBGeneration Laurel Sequined Clutch

BCBGeneration Laurel Sequined Clutch Price: $57.99 at zappos.com
Sequined clutch is a must and I’m not saying that only because sequins are one of the IT things right now. You see, if you got a great evening bag, you really have it all! It’s the thing you want to have lying around in case you’re planning to wear a totally black ensemble or in case it’s summer and you want to show off your bronzy tan.


Jones New York Sequin Skirt

Jones New York Sequin Skirt Price: $122.99 at zappos.com
I haven’t had a chance to see a lot of nice sequined skirts so it never actually occurred to me that a skirt just might be a nice, not to mention more versatile, alternative to a dress. What do you think? Would you give this fab skirt a try or it’s a piece you’d never even consider wearing?


UGG Classic Sparkles

UGG Classic Sparkles Price: $170.00 at zappos.com
There is a whole bunch of sequined stuff to opt for in order to kick the glitz factor up a notch – sequined clothes, sequined hair accessories, sequined bags and scarfs and even sequined UGGs! And these are some seriously glitzy boots, girl, so you better be able to work them!

Sequined clothes can add a lot of dazzle and glamour to your wardrobe. I really love sequined clothes and I hope you do too. So, tell me, my sequin-loving ladies, what sequined clothes do you have in your closet and what’s the main reason for which you chose them rather than something else?

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