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As a woman myself, I love finding women who inspire me. However, as a lover of fashion, I love when powerful women don’t sacrifice their style in order to be the powerful women that they are. These women are strong and aren’t worried about being viewed as less strong for loving fashion, and I think that’s amazing. These women don’t worry about sacrificing their femininity to be viewed as strong and powerful. If you’re looking for powerful women to look up to with a great sense of style, these are the women who you should be looking up to!

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama I think it goes without saying that Michelle Obama is one of the most powerful women in the United States, if not the world, and yet she still makes fashion a priority. She’s a First Lady that we will remember not just as a style icon, but for her activism as well, which isn’t always true of our First Ladies!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift makes every list of powerful people that you’ll find on the Internet, from Time to Forbes and beyond. Still, though, she continues to make every best-dressed list, even when she’s doing something as simple as walking down the street. We admire her success, but we also admire her fashion sense!



Beyoncé Just like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé is one of those powerful musicians who run the world. (She even wrote a song about doing just that!) However, if her Instagram and concerts are any indication, Queen Bey is also one of the biggest style stars our generation will ever see!



Oprah I’m convinced that Oprah is the reigning queen of the entertainment world. There’s nothing she hasn’t done, from her TV show, to her magazine, and now her channel, OWN. Even when things have gotten wobbly, she’s shown us why she’s the queen of the entertainment world, all while looking fashionable while doing it.


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton married into the Royal Family and has somehow managed to keep her composure. Despite the fact that we all joke about wanting to marry Harry (there was even a TV show about it!) I don’t think that anyone could handle royalty the way Duchess Kate has, with style, elegance, and grace.


Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg You may know Sheryl Sandberg as the author of Lean In, a book encouraging and inspiring women to lead, which would’ve been a big enough accomplishment. However, she’s also the COO of Facebook, which means that she’s running one of the largest websites in the world (and somehow found time to write a book) while being so stylish!


Ariana Huffington

Ariana Huffington Yes, her last name is Huffington because she co-founded The Huffington Post. When Ariana Huffington isn’t running one of the largest news websites in the world, she’s advocating for employers to stop working their employees into the ground and letting them thrive. She does all of this without sacrificing her own style, and she’s good at it!

Who are your favorite powerful women who haven’t sacrificed their style to be strong? I love admiring other women who have accomplished so much! I don’t think that I could pick a favorite off of this list! Let me know your favorite powerful women in the comments, because I’m always looking for new women to admire!

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I agree with Kayy. In 20 years, I'm not going to look back and think "I'm so glad I wore that"

Dont think style matters tbh

What you do matters. How you look when you do it doesn't matter.

How about our Queen Elizabeth ? Have to go a long way to find anyone as strong as that little old lady ! Loved by all ,she has shown us how to come up smiling when life throws something at her .At 89 she is a fantastic example of energy and sharp mind still.

With no disrespect intended...and I love your list...I personally don't view Kate Middleton as a strong powerful woman. She married into the royal family, and she has most certainly shown herself to be a woman of substance and well as style, but I don't think that translates into strong and powerful. Just to go outside the box, how about Laverne Cox as a stylish woman who has not compromised herself and has emerged as a symbol of empowerment for trans women?

I, on the contrary, think this article is great! Don't listen to them. This is very informational and I love that there are female inspirational figures in this world. 💪🏻

You make valid points, Aliza! However, imo, there is a big dif between The Royals and the President and First Lady. The Royals have no real power, their role is essentially ceremonial. Now, that makes Kate's charitable endeavors even more important, because she really doesn't have to do a lot of what she does. And so I stand corrected! I did not give her enough credit!!

@Jennapher I agree 100%

@Jennapher Kate is a patron of many charities and just because she had a famous marriage doesn't mean she's not "strong". In fact, she must be the strongest, considering that she lives her whole life in the spotlight and if you bring up the point of marriage, then shouldn't Michelle Obama be one of those ladies too? She's just Barack Obamas wife.

Why isn't Amal Alamuddin on this list?

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