7 Entrepreneurial Women to Look up to if You Want a Career in Fashion ...

If you’re looking to start a career in fashion, you’ll need some role models. These are some of the best entrepreneurial women in fashion, and the women that you need to look up to. Some of them have written books, others have started businesses, and some are just really inspiring women who have had insane careers in fashion. No matter what they’ve done, you’re sure to find these women to be inspirational.

1. Sophia Amoruso

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I don’t know what hole you’ve been living under if you don’t know who Sophia Amoruso is. It’s probably one without WiFi or Barnes and Noble. Sophia Amoruso built her company, Nasty Gal, from the ground up. She literally started her business by picking through secondhand stores, looking for the best pieces, while living in a rented pool house. Today, she’s the Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal, a company that’s worth more than 250 million dollars, and the author of her first memoir, #GirlBoss. If she doesn’t already inspire you on a daily basis, she will!

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