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These Curvy Girls Have Fashion Sense to Spare... and Share

By Jennifer

Got curves? Flaunt them in fashion designed to show off your heavenly body with the most sartorial savvy — like these ladies!

1 Boyfriend Shirt and Jeans

blue,person,photography,photo shoot,hairstyle, Source: 50 Dynamic Plus Size Outfits

2 Bodycon Dress

black,clothing,dress,sleeve,little black dress, Source: The Beauty of Bodycon (UPDATE

3 Office-Ready

clothing,dress,footwear,pattern,fashion, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

4 Cropped Khakis

clothing,footwear,fashion,leather,spring, Source: yes and yes: Real Life

5 Floral Skirt

color,yellow,clothing,blue,dress, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

6 Print Shorts

clothing,leg,shorts,fashion,footwear, Source: body image Archives - Already

7 Maxi Skirt + Denim Jacket

clothing,footwear,outerwear,fashion,spring, Source: Curvy girl rocking a maxi

8 Show Some Legs

black,clothing,dress,lady,gown, Source: Some Plus Size Fashion Inspiration

9 Denim on Denim

clothing,blue,jeans,footwear,denim, Source: Curvy Girls Day Wear Chic

10 Lace Jacket

clothing,footwear,tights,outerwear,fashion, Source: Curvy Girl Fashion: 40 Plus

11 Straight-Leg Jeans

denim,blue,clothing,jeans,footwear, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

12 Neon Midi Skirt

green,clothing,day dress,yellow,bridal party dress, Source: Best Plus Size Clothing, Dresses

13 Schoolgirl Sass

clothing,kilt,pattern,tartan,dress, Source: Ivonne Stacy Style

14 Bikini Bod!

clothing,swimwear,blond,muscle,supermodel, Source: Sexiest Girl Ever: 'Fatkini' swimsuits

15 Nipped in Waist

clothing,dress,leg,footwear,photo shoot, Source:

16 Floral Flare Mini

clothing,pink,footwear,dress,fashion, Source: A Mini Garden Party

pizzaislife and #21 don't really look plus size...

17 Love the Jacket!

clothing,outerwear,footwear,jacket,spring, Source: Curvy Girl Fashion: 40 Plus

18 Dark Skinnies

blue,clothing,footwear,dress,outerwear, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

19 Classic Wrap Dress

dress,black,clothing,woman,blue, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

20 Beach-Ready

clothing,swimwear,one piece swimsuit,maillot,muscle, Source: Top 10 Style Tips for

21 Bright Mini + Chambray

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring, Source: The Red Bow Skirt

22 BFFs in LBDs

clothing,person,woman,black hair,dress, Source: Community Post: 27 Fabulous Plus

23 Pencil Skirt

clothing,sleeve,spring,dress,season, Source: Printed Scuba Pencil Skirt

24 Casual Friday

clothing,footwear,jeans,denim,outerwear, Source: Curvy Girl Fashion: 40 Plus

25 Cuffed Jeans with Heels

denim,clothing,jeans,footwear,fashion, Source: My Voguish Diaries | A

26 Geometric Print Top

clothing,jeans,footwear,pattern,leg, Source: Curvy Girl Fashion: 40 Plus

27 Ikat-Print Skirt

color,photograph,clothing,person,people, Source: Black Style Blogger // Natalie

28 Stylish Stripes

dress,photograph,clothing,woman,blue, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

29 Peplum

blue,clothing,spring,footwear,season, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES

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