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7 Adorable Seashell Accessories ...

By Diana

Whether you’re Ariel’s twin or spend most of your hours on land, seashell accessories are a hot summertime trend. And it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t be. These oceanic baubles go with everything from a bikini to a flirty summer frock. Here are 7 adorable seashell accessories to rock all summer long.

1 Seashell Mini Wish Ring

Seashell Mini Wish RingPrice: $34.99 at

Gleaming crystals and sunset hues make this ring a seashell accessory worthy of a siren. I’d stack it on top of two gold rings and rock the set at a party. Or, wear it alone for a sweet, feminine outfit addition.

2 Blu Bijoux Seashell Spiral Earrings

Blu Bijoux Seashell Spiral EarringsPrice: $30.00 at

What do you get when you couple Austrian crystals with matte gold plate? These intricate seashell earnings, of course. This unique pair will make your usual outfits even more charming!

3 Keep You Close to Sea Necklace

Keep You Close to Sea NecklacePrice: $12.99 at

This gorgeous seashell locket is perfect for holding a precious photo of your beau (or a Facebook shot of your hunky summer fling). I’d pair it with a simple maxi dress for a romantic walk on the sand.

4 Seashell Necklace

Seashell NecklacePrice: $34.00 at

If perfectly fashioned seashells fit in with your laidback style, then take this gorgeous necklace to shore. Wear it with a belted tunic for a trendy look the mermaids will adore.

5 Sea Style Bracelet

Sea Style BraceletPrice: $29.99 at

Why stop at seashells when you could throw starfishes and pearls into the mix? I’d save this pretty piece for a night out on the town –it’s the perfect glamorous touch to a warm weather outfit. You can even go all out and pair it with your favorite shell earrings to double the fun!

6 Magda Gomes Beachwear Elastic Shell Belt

Magda Gomes Beachwear Elastic Shell BeltPrice: $106.00 at

I’d swim the seven seas for this chic shell piece. Cinch this belt on top of your favorite flowing dress for a beachy ensemble. Stylish summer afternoons are only a seashell accessory away!

7 LK Designs Royal Night Two Part Bohemian Seashell Earrings

LK Designs Royal Night Two Part Bohemian Seashell EarringsPrice: $170.00 at

Some seashell accessories are girly and cute. Others, like these gorgeous bohemian earrings, are unforgettable. Crafted in Israel, their glistening gold and black hues symbolize the sunset and moonrise. Forget saving this pair for a fancy dinner date; I’d wear them all summer to be a total trendsetter.

Seashell accessories are a fun and easy way to make any outfit summery chic. Plus, they can work with nearly any outfit. Which seashell accessories are your favorites? Do you already own a stash of shell jewels?

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