9 Really Simple Tips for Looking Thinner ...


Once you know some basic fashion rules it’s pretty easy to make your clothes work to flatter your body. You can go baggy when you’re having a bit of a bleugh body day to cover it all up, or you could try these tricks for looking thinner:

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Stay Away from Horizontal Stripes

Stay Away from Horizontal Stripes This is one we all know but it is definitely worth repeating. Stay away from items of clothing that have horizontal stripes! Tops or trousers with a horizontally striped pattern will only serve to accentuate your width, as opposed to vertical stripes that will force the eye to see in a more streamlined fashion.


Wear V Neck Clothing

Wear V Neck Clothing Whether it's a formal dress or just casual shirts for around the house or as work, always opt for a v neck cleavage style to achieve a slimmer look. Lots of material bunching up around your bust just draws attention to the curvier parts of your body. Wearing a V neck will make your look more streamlined and the deeper the v, the greater the effect.


Wear Long Necklaces

Wear Long Necklaces One of the handiest and easiest tips for looking thinner is to incorporate more long necklaces in to your casual and formal wardrobe. The long look of the necklaces will work to create an optical illusion that elongates the body and not only will make you look slimmer but also make you look taller.


Avoid Ankle Boots

Avoid Ankle Boots Though they have been on trend recently, ankle boots have been deemed a real no-no when it comes to trying to look as slim as possible. The point at which the boot rests on your ankle is not the most flattering place and for some women it can make their ankles and the bottom of their legs look a lot wider than they actually are. If you want to wear them, tuck your pants into them but wear pants and boots of the same color as this will have the effect of elongating your legs.


Nude, Pointed Shoes

Nude, Pointed Shoes Another great optical illusion for looking that little bit slimmer is to wear nude colored shoes and heels with pointed toes. It may not seem like it, but the nude color acts to continue the length of your legs past the normal ankle area and can elongate your entire body.


Matching Color Shoes and Panty Hose

Matching Color Shoes and Panty Hose This works in exactly the same way as the nude shoes tip works. By wearing a combination of the same color tights and shoes, you are lengthening the look of your legs and therefore giving the illusion of a longer, slimmer body overall.


Small Print Patterns

Small Print Patterns Another clever optical illusion for looking slimmer is to choose smaller, more concentrated print patterns over larger, broader options. By wearing clothing with stretched, oversized prints at the forefront, you in turn may look more oversized than you really are. Opt for smaller prints for the opposite effect.


Avoid Satin

Avoid Satin Unless you are really slim, clothing made from satin, though it may feel nice to wear, will have the tendency to be rather clingy and end up highlighting and emphasizing those parts of your body that you might be a little self conscious about. The same can be said for any other shiny type material including sparkle fabrics. Tight fitting shiny fabrics are very unforgiving to any lumps and bumps.


Oversize Handbags

Oversize Handbags It's pretty obvious how this tip works! By carrying with you a large, oversized handbag, you, by way of aspect illusion, will automatically look smaller! Not only does a larger handbag have this advantage, but it is also great for carrying around more everyday essentials.

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I third the stripes and nude ankle boots are OK

Horizontal stripes are actually fine and, in fact, better than vertical stripes. The rest are good though.

I second Emma horizontal stripes are cute and look fine on most people.

Thanks! I needed this. I have recently picked up some weight which I am struggling to lose and no matter where I feel I look fatter than I am, now I know why.

Thank you 😊

Wearing black is another option and always makes people look slimmer.

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